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Display Your Apparels Creatively By Wrapping Your Wearables In Our Exquisite Shawl Boxes

Make alluring appearance of your apparel brand by acquiring exclusive shawl boxes to improve product appeal. Let our designers assist you in designing your perfect boxes for presentation as well as for shipping. Select tempting printing styles and finishing options to make incredible shawl boxes for your demand. Not only that, enjoy free shipping in USA and Canada without any hidden cost.

Get your elegant shawl boxes manufactured in any color you love

Are you searching for distinctive design ideas for your shawl box? Emenac Packaging Canada has variety of splendid options for you. Acquire our free designing services to have various templates’ design choices for your flamboyant shawl boxes. Explain your design to our eclectic graphics team and they’ll deliver you vigorous artwork preferences without die cut and setup cost. our innovative rigid shawl boxes not only increase the visual aspects of your different variety of shawls but also secure the fabric. Build your delightful boxes using materials like cardboard and Kraft which will imitate the quality of inside product.

Based on the shape and size of your winter shawls, boxes can be customized. Usually, the designers and clothing brands let their names and logo printed on your brand boxes. With the changing trends in marketing and advertising techniques, two-piece shawl boxes with unique themes are getting an immense reception to the youngster. Windows, glossy and matte finishing options display your dazzling boxes more tempting. As adding adorning accessories to the packaging is in vogue, the enticing boxes with ribbons and paper flowers make effective gifts.

Clone the design you want to employ for custom boxes

For fashion houses, delightful Shawl boxes are the best way to endorse their clothing. For summer and winter collection; Knit, stole, scarf and fancy shawls packaged in your incredible boxes catch the attention of the potential buyers. On events like birthdays, Christmas and weddings Shawl gift boxes deliberate your devotion and love to the recipients. You can personalize the gift boxes for shawls by having applicable themes printed on them. Clothes are the best gift item and if packaged in sensational shawl boxes your loved ones will feel more special.

Ready to start your project?

If you have just started off an apparel business and shawls are your most exclusive item; get fabulous custom Shawl boxes designed. You can earn customer loyalty with our fancy shawl packaging boxes. Keeping in view your target market, print Shawl boxes that prove prolific in getting your clothing noticed. For female shawls use the boxes with funky and girly color tones. Polka dots would be an exciting option. Rectangular shawl boxes could have elegant colors as it offers a good space to print on. An astonishing box would crave your audience into buying a stylish-shawl, scarfs or office wear stoles. Get instant quote now for your custom Shawl boxes by filling our form.

Emenac Packaging Canada assure you the Quality Assurance in Every Order

Enjoy the opportunity of our stunning custom printed boxes and get the ideal boxes for your brand. The apparel industry now has an option to get the required boxes according to their need and requirements for the boxes. You can even get two-piece boxes for innovative display of your premium wearables. Get color and size quoted on the boxes to keep the customers informed. We have a capacity to handle short run as well as wholesale orders and provide them in the minimum possible time. Place an order and get it dispatched at your doorstep with free shipping in the United States and Canada.

Why choose Emenac Packaging Canada?

Join your hands with Emenac Packaging Canada. Choose us to get extraordinary designing and printing options for your boxes. We’re always looking for new ways to inspire you with our unmatchable shawl boxes- fascinating styles, unique shapes and all the little things that come together to create unforgettable marketing tool for your products. Get free of cost design assistance, perfect packaging, printing and design expertise, free shipping in USA and Canada plus many other extra benefits.

We also get a variety of sample designs for the boxes through which you can select from. If you have a new design idea in your mind let us know and we’ll transform it into a real tangible product. Along with top quality printed boxes, we use 100% recyclable and Eco-friendly material for the boxes. We contribute our part professionally to save the world from global warming through recyclable boxes. We’ll advise you about your order satisfactorily. You may also have a live chat with us about our standards and rates.

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