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Set Your Foot Into The On Demand Industry With Gojek Clone


Gojek Clone App is the living embodiment of perfection executed with sophistication. This app offers oodles of on-demand services online through one single login. This all-in-one-services app is the reason behind the exponential growth of this industry.

Bridget Duncan is a 23-year old woman of Scottish descent studying law at Harvard University. She lives with her Kappa Alpha Theta sorority sisters on campus. She is concerned about her Asian sorority sister Seiko who has recently broken up with her long-distance boyfriend Austin of Tennessee. This is why she’ll bake Celebrity Chef Martha Stewart’ world renowned recipe of Diamond Apple Pie to cheer her mood up. She uses Apps like Gojek to order 4 pounds of fresh Macoun and Empire Apples, lemons, granulated sugar, half-a-pound of unsalted butter, ground cinnamon, 1 pound of all-purpose flour and 2 large eggs from a Grocery mart nearby. While she is preheating the oven at 400 degree Fahrenheit, she books a masseuse for Seiko to help her deal with stress and anxiety using the same all-in-one-services app. After 90-minutes of intense Shiatsu massage, not only is the Apple Pie ready but Seiko looks calm and relaxed. Another sorority sister Ava installs the same app and orders the Delivery Genie to get Seiko’s favourite Madonna Lily delivered.

Gojek Clone App itself is the Genie! Why does Gen X love it so much?

It has tech-savviness written all over it 

Book Taxis through your Gojek Clone App

This feature has brought about a digital revolution in the realm of taxi booking. You can book taxis with just a couple of taps on your iWatch. Your customer has to first ensure that the iPhone is connected with the smart watch and then download Taxi Booking iWatch app on the phone. Automatically a similar app will get downloaded in the smart-watch. You can not only book a Jeep SUV with your iWatch but also make an online payment. When the ride is booked, the Rider gets the Driver’s details on the smart-watch screen. It includes the name and the photograph of the Taxi Driver, Model number of the car and the number plate.

Taxi Drivers have to compulsorily upload selfies with the face-mask on

Taxi Drivers won’t even get to start the ride unless the App Owner has verified their face-mask status. This feature has been incorporated after the World Health Organisation had declared that this Covid-19 is an air-borne illness and that face masks have to be worn at all times. The Riders can even cancel the ride without incurring any penalty charges if the Taxi Driver is not wearing a surgical face mask. 

Order in your crunchy crust Sicilian Pizza today with crazy customizations!

Sicilian Pizza is a thick square-cut pizza that can be garnished with multiple toppings such as tomato, onion, anchovies, and herbs. You can also pair this up Sun-Dried Tomato Garlic Bread with blue-cheese.

Gojek Clone App is extremely practical in orientation

Real-time tracking of Service Providers

This app allows customers to have live geographical status of the Service Providers in the form of interactive icons. It has brought about an extreme level of transparency in the overall operations of this App. It is through in-app push notifications that the customers are kept updated with the whereabouts of the Service Provider. These notifications are a prerequisite for taxi booking, Parcel Delivery, Restaurant food orders, Delivery Genies and even rendering services of a beautician, car-wash executive, and mechanics.

Service Providers have to verify with OTP before starting off

A numeric OTP is generated by the Service Provider before getting started with the task at hand. It is only after punching in the four-digit number that the App Owner can approve these Service Providers to get started with their work. This is an added layer of security to authenticate the individual.

Age Verification  

Minors will no longer be able to order alcohol online because of this new ID Proof Verification feature. Users are asked to upload their ID card on the app before making the purchase. And later on it’s the Delivery Drivers that verifies the ID Proof themselves once they reach the address for delivery.


Gojek Clone App has never ever failed to mesmerize entrepreneurs like you with its unique set of innovative and ultra-futuristic features that it launches every month. Gojek Clone App is the reigning Queen of this on-demand service industry.

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