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Secure Electronic Signatures

Secure Electronic Signatures

Secure Electronic Signatures

Secure Electronic Signatures for Real Estate Agencies

The real estate agents who are successful understand and appreciate the speed. Reliability and customer service are needed to close an important sale. Fortunately, electronic signatures have a solution for all of these requirements. With the advent and implementation of electronic signatures, the days are gone when you had to run after buyers for signatures.

Using an effective e-signature solution helps to get contracts signed, deals closed, and important documents delivered within a short period of time. In this blog, we will look at the benefits that the use of electronic signatures brings to real estate agencies.

Preparing Contracts:

 There are several ways in which a real estate contract for e-signature can be prepared, and out of them all, one of the easiest is creating an electronic signature in word or PDF. You have the option of either uploading or scanning an already existing template. Change the content to highlight some needs of the new buyers. Add all the important signature fields whenever you feel necessary.

In addition, you can also create an official contract from the beginning right within an application. While preparing a contract. Very easily add multiple signers, signature fields, and form fields as well as the signing date, and the signer’s title. You can also place a request for a compulsory attachment such as a photocopy of an ID while adding a relevant date of expiry for indicating the last date until which the documents must be signed.

Quick Completion of Deals:

 Real estate companies are always in pursuit of revolutionary technologies. That can help them in either listing or selling houses quickly and much more efficiently. You can implement an e-signature solution while guaranteeing enhanced ways of production, management, and transmission of legal documentation. That is involved in a home or business purchase.

Being an experienced real estate agent. You will most likely be able to appreciate the different auto-fill template features as well. It helps in giving you the freedom to complete your business tasks quickly, create better, and distribute better because the e-sign documents can be signed at any time, any place, and on any device. 


Those days are long gone when the entire process of selling a property needed the completion of complicated procedures. In the past, people used to sign dozens of hard copy documents like offers and agreements of sale. However, with the use of electronic signatures. The documents can be signed quickly and for anyone who wishes to buy or sell a property. Particularly when two or more parties are separated by distance.

The banks, agents, and their clients wish to make sure that they are using a safe system. That does not share, take control of, or sells information to third parties. An efficient electronic signature online tool makes it very easy to either buy or sell. A property by enabling real estate agencies to sign documents quickly, privately, and securely.

Tracking Signatures: 

Right after you begin sending the real estate contracts that need to be signed. All that you are required to do is wait for all the recipients that should sign the document. The official contract can be sent to all the signers by email, and they can easily sign with a simple touch of a button. It will take no more than a few minutes to close the deal.

You can track the status of every signature in real-time just so that you know who has signed the contract and who is yet to sign it. Right when someone sends you a package, you will receive a notification so that you never miss anything.

Ensuring Security:

 A great way of gaining confidence with the users is by enabling them to collaborate with you and letting them access highly safe electronic signature software. You can simply click a legal e-sign online document when you are invited through an email. Right after everyone has signed the document, you will receive a finally executed document with all the needed signatures.

Making sure that all the right people have executed a suitable version of the official document and the document has not been changed will allow your customers to gain a level of trust and feel comfortable in doing business.

Send Reminders:

 Many e-signature software solutions have a built-in reminder feature that helps in facilitating the retrieval of signatures. There is never a need of drafting and sending emails, calling different buyers, and leaving unlimited voice messages. All that you need to do is open the application and hit the send reminder button which is close to every signer’s name.

You will not just send out manual reminders, but the recipients will also be able to receive automated notifications when they get closer to the cut-off date. These features make sure that you get everything signed right on the time, each time.

Document Evidence Summary:

 An important reason why electronic signatures are able to hold up in the court of law is the fact that they produce a detailed audit trail anytime there is a need. You can check an evidence summary which is basically helpful in producing a list of all the steps that are taken by the parties involved.

The electronic evidence summary is very often provided and authenticated by a trusted e-signature provider. The audit trail helps in being at the top of all the latest developments.

Flexible Solution: 

The electronic signature solution enables realtors to experience remote flexibility. They can expand the customer base within and all across different states or countries. It is not necessary for the realtors to live nearby the customers.

However, the electronic signature vendors support the cloud-based software enabling both parties to sign documents virtually from anywhere in the entire world. Irrespective of whether you or your customers live in the same city or in different cities, signing the documents is never a problem.


The use of electronic signatures is becoming increasingly popular and it is natural for real estate agents to make the switch from traditional signatures to electronically signed documents.

It is also important to note that there are different laws applicable to each country or state which is why it is important to ensure that electronic signatures are recognized by the legal system before anything. In many cases, most countries have made electronic signatures legally binding. Hence, if you are a realtor then feel free to use the electronic signatures for your benefit.

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