RNI registration fees: How much does it cost to start a newspaper in India?

RNI registration fees is one you’re required to pay get the permission to publish and distribute your newspaper in India. The decline of reliance of newspapers for “news” has many people not looking for such a permit. However, times are changing. People are now aware that they are being manipulated using fake news. To salvage the situation, the government has taken measures to make RNI registration more accessible to the people.

So, what is RNI online registration fees? The fee for obtaining RNI registration number in India isn’t going to cost you that much. And even when it does, the benefits shall outweigh the cost.

Thus, through this article, we aren’t merely going to tell how much newspaper registration fees you’d need to pay, but you’ll also know about the benefits of it.

Why is RNI registration essential?

Before you gear up to pay the fees, you must know the reason you’re applying for RNI registration.

RNI registration or Registrar of Newspaper in India Registration is a part of Press and Registration of Books Act 1867. It’s an important act even if it’s old as it watches over the:

  1. Quality of news that the newspaper are publishing.
  2. Maintaining a list of registration numbers of each of those newspapers.

Simply put, the job of the Registrar of newspaper in India is to monitor the news quality and keep a record of the newspapers. It’s also the body that’s responsible for issuing RNI registration to individuals.

Services you get by paying the RNI registration fees

The fee for obtaining the RNI registration is divided into two parts:

  1. The government fee
  2. The professional fee

Government Fee

You pay the requisite fees to the government to get them to process your application. Without it, your application won’t be considered. However, paying the government fee doesn’t mean that your application will be accepted right away. It’s merely went for processing.

Professional Fee

If you want to ensure that the Registrar accepts your application, you have to pay the RNI registration cost to a professional. That professional will ensure that:

  1. Your application is free from any errors.
  2. You get information about the status of your application on a daily basis.
  3. You can do a follow up with the Registrar in case of certain issues.

Simply put, a professional takes up the task of filing your application, and doing the due-diligence that you need to obtain the Newspaper registration in India.

And it’s not just for newspapers, if you pay the magazine registration fees to a professional, you’ll get the same type of services.

Why hire a professional to get newspaper registration in India?

Now that you know about the bodies that ask for the RNI registration fee, why should you care? What’s so special about RNI registration process that you have to hire a professional to help you.

RNI registration has two stages. At first stage, you verification for the title. A professional will help you:

  1. Choose the title that’s meaningful and unique.
  2. Help you search the title of existing newspapers so that you don’t mistakenly use them for yourself.
  3. Provide you consultations about which types of names are not allowed in the office of Registrar of Newspaper of India.

Once  the first stage is a success and you obtain the RNI title verification letter, you have to get ready to publish your first copy of your newspaper. A professional will assist you in getting ready by:

  1. Getting authentication for title verification letter,
  2. Drafting a declaration that you’ve indeed get the verification for the title you’re aiming for.
  3. Doing the necessary leg work by talking to officials who are responsible for issuing you the license.


Legal matters like obtaining a business license require assistance. It’s not only because that the government has deliberately made the process difficult; it’s because registration requires time. So, if you don’t want to get stuck at the first process of RNI registration, we implore you to talk to experts who can help you.

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