Requirements for Extended Producer Responsibility Certificate

Extended Producer Responsibility Certificate is a document made mandatory by the Central Pollution Control Board for the electronics manufacturers if they wish to continue their operations. In this blog, we are going to look into the requirements to obtain one. 

To show your solidarity with the environment, you should obtain EPR certificate, means in technical terms is this:

In order to manufacture any product that is composed of electronic circuitry, you need to also have a way to dispose of it safely once it becomes useless. 

Through an EPR certificate, the government holds you to your word. The act of EPR was introduced in India back in 2012. It was the time when we finally realized that the amount of plastic that has been filling the landfills is a tad bit dangerous for everyone around. By making EPR registration mandatory, the goal of the government is to compel the electronic manufacturers to adopt practices of sustainable development. 

Despite the importance of this certificate, the government hasn’t made it easy to acquire. There are requirements that go beyond EPR registration fees that the CPCB wants you to fulfil as an applicant. Through this blog, we are going to look at them. 

Documents required for EPR registration in India

While to get EPR certificate, you apply using the online portal. You have to upload the following documents as well. Without them, the application is not going to be analysed by the experts:

  • Certificate of incorporation of your company and your Import Export Code if you’re an importer
  • PAN Number of the card that you have acquired for your company. 
  • Contact details (yours) that the CPCB can use to get in touch with you later. 
  • Estimated net worth of your business
  • Models of electronic products that are manufactured in your facility
  • Estimated number of electronics that you manufacture
  • E waste generated on an annual basis
  • Plan of EPR
  • Budget spend of managing your responsibility of e waste management
  • Details of the recycling unit that you have at your manufacturing facility
  • If you’re outsourcing recycling, provide the details of the recycler to whom you’ve outsourced the task to. 
  • Agreement copies of the ones you’ve signed with storage facilities, disposers and recyclers. 
  • Details of any awareness programs that you have initiated to make people aware of the e waste management
  • Website content associated with e waste management topics. 

These are the essential requirements to attach with the application to obtain epr certificate for import and for manufacturing. 

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We don’t expect you to get all the requirements right away. If you’re someone who is just planning to produce electronics, you need all the financial aid and legal assistance you need. We, at Registrationwala, cover all of them. We are going to provide you with complete assistance when it comes to EPR certifications and other related services. From application filing to requirement fulfilment, our services cover all that CPCB requires from you for EPR certification in India. Just reach out to us and see what are we talking about. 


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