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Quibus Technosys Digital Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Businesses

Quibus technosys digital marketing for ecommerce

Are you tired of getting quality traffic/sales on your eCommerce website? You may have invested a good amount on all digital platforms but haven’t got the results you expected. Or do you think that digital marketing for eCommerce is too tough nowadays because of competition? 

As per experience with the eCommerce business, we succeed in getting more than satisfying sales to our clients. In this article, we briefly shared our strategies on how we bring more than satisfying sales to our eCommerce clients.

We are “Quibus Technosys” a result-driven digital marketing company in Jaipur. Till now, we have served 42+ brands across India. We have been providing our high-quality digital marketing services in Jaipur since 2011.

Our 4 Best Strategy For Digital Marketing For eCommerce Businesses

There is no shortage of people on the internet who are willing to pay for their desires or requirements. So, our first strategy for digital marketing for eCommerce is to identify the audience who are willing to pay. This term is called a buyer persona.

To make a buyer persona for eCommerce business, we visualize some points, and that is:- 

So, After we identified our actual customers, now it’s time to implement our plan for digital marketing for eCommerce through different mediums. 

Our Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops a clock to save time”, says Henry Ford. 

As per Adweek’s report, organic reach on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram is less than 2.6%. So we never suggest you rely on organic reach to get sales on your eCommerce website. But it doesn’t mean we forgot our existing followers. We focus on both and run paid and organic campaigns parallelly to reach potential customers.

Along with paid advertisement, what we do to get more sales  –

  1. Connecting with social media influencers
  2. Post promotional such offers, discounts, or giveaways
  3. Create an engaging video about your product
  4. Showcase Testimonials(comments, satisfying replies, etc.)

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Our Content Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce

Content marketing for eCommerce is a time-consuming strategy, but it gives long-term profit. Because in content marketing practices that we will do today will show results after some months.

We focus on content marketing because it is essential for – 

Our Content or Seo Strategy for Ecommerce Websites to Get Sales to Our Clients- 

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Our Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing Plan

In affiliate marketing, we allow other audiences to refer to our product and earn commission through it. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to increase eCommerce sales. 

We follow and suggest setting benchmarks rather than allowing everyone to be a part of your affiliate program. 

The Benchmarks We Consider for Affiliate Program –

Our Email Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce

As per Forbes, “email marketing is the most powerful tool to take your business to the next level.” The most common mistake every eCommerce owner makes while creating their digital marketing strategy is buying a bulk email list to nurture. 

There are two main reasons to avoid this mistake –

So we always use the email list that we have or if not, then we collect it through content marketing. 

After collecting emails, we follow this powerful email marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses- 

Following this email marketing strategy helps eCommerce businesses to create a better sales funnel. 

Final Words

Here we sum up our best strategies for digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. Following these strategies on your own can be difficult because it needs expert knowledge to get results through different campaigns. However, Even a person having good knowledge of digital marketing can’t do everything alone he also needs the support of the team. 

That’s why we have an experienced team to manage all the campaigns to make this strategy successful. If you also need help with digital marketing for your eCommerce business, feel free to consult us. We are an affordable, expertise, and results-driven digital marketing agency.

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