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Positive Attitude Poetry in Urdu – Masbat Shayari

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Urdu poetry, often renowned for its poignant expressions of love and loss, also possesses a vibrant thread of optimism and inspiration. Masbat Shayari, “positive poetry,” uplifts the spirit and paints the sunlit side of life, urging us to embrace hope and resilience. In the upcoming poetry lines in Urdu, you will read positive Urdu shayari of famous poets.

Positive Attitude in Urdu Poetry

“mujhe dushman se bhii KHuddaarii kii ummiid rahtii hai
kisii kaa bhii ho sar qadmo.n me.n sar achchhaa nahii.n lagtaa

“Haar Kar Beth Na Jaa Phir Inhi Halaat Se Khel
Zindagi Khelne Ki Cheez Hai Lamhaat Se Khel

“ek be-chehra sii ummiid hai chehra chehra
jis taraf dekhiye aane ko hai aane vaalaa

“tujh ko an-dekhii bulandii me.n safar karnaa hai
ehtiyaatan mirii himmat mire baazuu rakh le

“gar baazii ishq kii baazii hai jo chaaho lagaa do Dar kaisaa
gar jiit ga.e to kyaa kahnaa haare bhii to baazii maat nahii.n

“kaam mushkil hai magar jiit hii luu.ngaa us ko
mere maulaa kaa ‘khasii’ juu.nhii ishaara hogaa

Motivational Positive Urdu Shayari

“baabaa duniyaa jiit ke mai.n dikhlaa duu.ngaa
apnii nazar se duur to mujh ko jaane de

“du.aa karo ki salaamat rahe mirii himmat
ye ik charaaG ka.ii aa.ndhiyo.n pe bhaarii hai

“KHud-kushii karne kii himmat nahii.n hotii sab me.n
aur kuchh din abhii auro.n ko sataayaa jaa.e

“zaruurat ho to mar miTne kii himmat ham bhii rakhte hai.n
ye ye ye basaalat ham bhii rakhte hai.n

How Best Urdu Sher is written on Positive Poetry?

Various Pakistani and Indian poets have written positive Urdu ashaar on many topics. Mostly, the positive poetry has been performed in Rekhta Mushaira as well as Andaaz e Bayan Urdu Mushairas. These verses are not hollow cheerleading; they delve into the challenges of life but offer the armor of a positive perspective. They remind us that “Har ghande badal ke piche, muskurati dhoop chhupi hai,” meaning behind every dark cloud, a smiling sun hides. They are whispers of encouragement, gently urging us to “Na ummeed ho kar na ghabrana, har raat ke baad savera aata hai,” to not lose hope or falter, for dawn always follows the darkest night.

Masbat Urdu Shayari

Masbat Shayari resonates particularly with students, facing the pressures of academia and the uncertainties of the future. It fuels their dreams with verses like “Manzil milegi, bhatak kar hi sahi, gumrah toh woh hain jo ghar se nikle hi nahin,” assuring them that although the path may be winding, those who persist will find their destination. The poems guide them to replace apprehension with “Himmat se chal zara, raaste khud ba khud banenge,” encouraging them to walk with courage, for the paths will reveal themselves in time.

The positive poetry transcends mere motivation; it elevates into a philosophical contemplation of life. Urdu ghazals, for instance, weave intricate tapestries of metaphors, celebrating the human spirit’s ability to find joy even in the midst of hardship. They remind us that “Zindagi gham nahin hai, gham ko hasi mein badal dena hai,” life is not sorrow, but the art of transforming it into laughter. They urge us to “Har kadam ko muskurata chala, aur raaton mein bhi chamak dhund,” to walk with a smile at every step, and find brilliance even in the darkness of night.

Final Words on Positivity in Urdu Poetry

Masbat Shayari, ultimately, is a song of hope. It invites us to dance with life, not shy away from its shadows, but embrace its light. Its verses are companions on our journey, whispers of strength and optimism that remind us, “Sher pe sher bana, gham ko khushi mein mila, zindagi muskurati hai, zara usko suno,” to weave one positive verse after another, merge sorrow with joy, for life is ever smiling, we only need to listen.tunesharemore_vertadd_photo_alternate

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