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Perfect Tech Stack For SaaS

best framework for saas applications

Building the modern day is not an easy job especially with the evolution of technology with every passing day. The stakes are always high for entrepreneurs when it comes to choosing the right technology stack for their products. This is because the success of the app depends on the SaaS tech irrespective of how brilliant your idea is.

Modern-day entrepreneurs always walk on a tightrope as they constantly need to fulfill two things:

Thus, it becomes essential to choose the best framework for SaaS applications as it becomes a deciding factor in the future expansion of the company.

In this blog, we will study the basics of tech stack and its importance. Moreover, we will also take a closer look at how to choose a technology stack and its cost.

Let us begin!

What is a technology stack?

A technology stack is the amalgamation of libraries, frameworks, programming languages, development tools, etc. It is essential as it is one of the fundamental steps in developing a mobile application.

The tech stack is primarily divided into two parts:

Front-end or client-side: It refers to everything the user can see on the screen be it the format of the app or design. It includes technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and UI frameworks.

Middleware: It contains app servers, CMS systems, tools to provide hosting, development, etc. Middleware combines the back-end and front-end and is used for Node.js, Ruby on Rails, JVM languages (Java, Scala, Clojure).

Back-end or server-side: These are the parts that are invisible to the users. They include programming languages, operating systems, frameworks, etc. Some of the popular back-end technologies are Redis, MongoDB, Python, etc.

Importance of Technology Stack

Having the right SaaS tech is paramount for your product if you wish to thrive in today’s competitive scenario. Moreover, the right tech stack propels the organization and helps to achieve business goals easily. Here is why technology stack is important:

Steps to choose the right tech stack

·         The selection of the tech stack hugely depends on the size of the software platform and language.

·         You should always select the tech stack depending on the culture of the company

·         The selected tech stack should have a low learning curve and should be versatile

·         It should be selected keeping the future changes in mind

·         It should be easier to hire developers to work on the technology stack

Moreover, there are certain specific things that will help you to choose the right tech stack for your SaaS startup. We have discussed them below:

Selecting the right technology stack for SaaS Startups

Here are the important factors that will help you to choose the best framework for SaaS applications. As a CTO of a company, these factors are mighty essential for you:

Product requirements

What you want to build will determine the kind of technology stack you will eventually use. For example, the tech stack for a social media app is not the same for a taxi booking app. Therefore, you have to understand the requirements of your product and the target audience you wish to cater to.

For example: For web app development, you can opt for Ruby on Rails. Whereas, for having rapid development, choose Python-Django.

Security Concerns

There are different levels of encryption in SaaS tech. Thus, it depends on the skills of the developers to perfectly implement them. Otherwise, mismanagement between the two tools can cause trouble and can open up loopholes in the app as well.

Thus, it is essential for the developers to understand everything that the stack will add up to. This will help in developing a product that is more secure.

Size of your business

For a business owner, along with the project requirements, it is essential to determine the size of the business. This is because not everyone requires the whole set of tech stacks or needs deeper tools. Once you have determined the overall size of the business, it becomes easier to employ different combinations of SaaS tech.

The overall skillset of your team

No matter how good the technology stack is, if the developers are not competent enough, it will be of no use. Thus, as a business owner, you should understand the technical prowess of your team, coding skills, before selecting the tech stack.

Complete understanding of the skills will help in reducing the overall development time and cost as well.

List of Tech Stacks at popular companies

There is no doubt about the fact that selecting the right tech stack leads to glory. Below is the list of tech stacks used by leading organizations:

·         Uber: Python, Node.js, React. PostgreSQL, GO, Swift, MySQL

·         Pinterest: MySQL, React, Java, XCode, Django, Objective C

·         Udemy: Python, Django, MySQL, AngularJS

·         Google: Java, Go, AngularJS, React

·         Typeform: PHP, HTML5, Backbone.JS, Ruby

How to avoid mistakes when selecting a tech stack in 2021?

 As a CTO of the company, if you have a clear roadmap about how you want to develop an app, there will be fewer mistakes. Below are some tried and tested methods to save you from technology stack blunders in 2021

·         Have clear goals

You should be aware of what you want to achieve with the app development process. Have clear goals and plan ahead to avoid any kind of uncertainty. Moreover, having clear goals will make the selection of tech stack flexible and will ensure a smooth development process.

·         Opt for cloud-based servers

Data storage is the most important thing and it is always better to use a cloud-based service for it. The cloud-based services are safe and compatible with your budget as well. So, choose your most favored pricing model and keep your data safe.

·         Ready-made solutions

Do not create from scratch every time as it will cost more money and will waste your time. Instead, opt for ready-made solutions as they have all the features that you need. Thus, it will help in selecting the best framework for SaaS applications.

Conclusion: A well-matched tech stack helps the business gain a competitive advantage over its peers. Thus, as a CTO, before you select the technology stack, analyze it from every aspect. Always remember that the best framework for SaaS applications should be futureproof, extensive and scalable.

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