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Nikolai Gogol : In Search of Truth

Gogol Russian Fiction

Nikolai Gogol : In Search of Truth

Nikolai Gogol was born in 1809 into a low-ranking Ukrainian family. His parents sent him to a boarding school where he was a less attractive looking boy. His classmates often mocked her, calling her a “magic dwarf.” After graduating in 1828, Gogol moved to St. Petersburg, where he was hoping for a government job. After failing to find work, he tried to become an actor and embezzled his mother’s mortgage to Germany. After that, he left on a journey. Eventually, he got a low-paying bureaucratic job, which he soon left.

Between 1831 and 1832, Gogol published two volumes of its stories about Ukraine, Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka, which made it famous nationally. In 1835, the young Gogol wrote a historical novel about pirates, Taras Bilba, which is considered a classic in Russian literature.

Play: Inspector General

In 1836, he wrote the satirical play “Inspector General” about the Russian bureaucracy. Gogol’s drama became so controversial that he had to leave Russia and live in Rome for six years.

Novel: Dead Souls (By Nikolai Gogol)

While living in Italy, he wrote his masterpiece novel “Dead Souls” in 1842. At the same time, he became very religious and soon this condition made him sick. He became disgusted with his sins. He burned the draft of his novel “Dead Souls” in 1852, starved to death, and died in 1852, ten days before his 42nd birthday.

Gogol and Russian Fiction

Nikolai Gogol is a major figure in Russian fiction. Deviating from the literary tradition of the eighteenth century, he satirized everyday life and became the basis of Russian realism. His stories were influential. Especially the “overcoat”. In the opinion of most critics, in modern literature, Gogol was the first to introduce anti-heroes in stories.

A central character who lacks heroic qualities such as courage, strength, ideals, and a virtue that is compassionate or humorous. Gogol’s anti-heroes (such as Overcoat’s main character Akake Ake) are not only ordinary people but also miserable and ineffective. His influence was later acknowledged by Russian fiction writers. In particular, Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, and Leutalsty. All these fiction writers created high fiction. “We’re all out of Gogol’s overcoat,” Pushkin was quoted as saying. “Gogol’s contemporaries adopted his realism contemporaries, and later, his ridiculous intellect, and its effects by Franz Kafka.” We can see Vladimir Nabkov and George Louis Porkhes in the work.

Gogol’s Realism

Regarding realism, Google says, “Lucky is the author who ignores lazy and disgusting characters.” Original ideas may be presented to those who present their personality with high human values. An author who selects a few ideal types from the vast frozen pool of humanity. ”Entire world will not recognize such a writer. Nor will be able to see or feel tears of gratitude. It is not that he is intoxicated by the sound of his own sweet words and certainly he cannot escape the temptation of his contemporaries. Hypocrisy and insensitivity will be called to the court the characters he has carefully created. They will place it among the most deserving of writers. Which humiliated humanity. The qualities of his characters will be attributed to him.

Along with the eternal flame of his intelligence, his heart and soul will be robbed. This is because his contemporaries will not recognize the microscope. The discovery of the movements of these seen creatures is as astonishing as the telescope that shows us a new direction of the sun. His contemporaries cannot comprehend how much spiritual depth is required to paint a picture of the ugly side of life and to work on it in a way that is called art. His contemporaries cannot see, these feelings are equal to a hymn to good and spiritual laughter. There is an underworld between him and the stupidity of a common clown.


So the author is not recognized by his contemporaries, his work was rejected and censored. He stands in the middle of the road like a homeless traveler. Absolutely alone, with the impression of ignorance. Yes, the worst and most serious loneliness. The eternal powers have decided that I should walk hand in hand with the heroes of my stories. Let me witness the life that the currents of the magical past revealed to me. Move it forward with laughter so that the world can hear while I see it through tears. It is never suspicious. The time is far away when the great storm of revelation will rise. In another gesture, a holy jihad will be immersed in the shining light, when in other words the magical storm will be heard in a world of fear and trembling.

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