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NFL Players that Accepted Cryptocurrency Payments Instead of Fiat

NFL Players that Accepted Cryptocurrency Payments Instead of Fiat

Many innovations are making the NFL better. And one of them is cryptocurrencies. The industry’s growth has shown the world that there is more to the digital world, and it can improve many things. With its popularity increasing, it is becoming attractive for players, who can tell there is more to enjoy. 

Sports betting platforms have also added crypto to their options. Therefore, it is now easier for players to make payments into their bet account with crypto and bet on NFL picks against the spread or any other option. Because of that, it has become more exciting for the fans and players, making the industry more attractive. 

It is getting better with the different projects we’ve experienced over the years. We can tell that there is more to this partnership. It will even improve once more people, and industries accept the technology. In addition, the trust level is higher than before, although some events have caused friction.

One of the most significant developments is that some NFL professional players have opted for crypto payment rather than getting paid in cash. They’ve decided to go all in with the technology, and our list has some pretty impressive athletes. Keep reading to learn more about the different NFL players that accepted cryptocurrency payments instead of fiat salaries. 

Tom Brady

In football history, Tom Brady will remain one of the best to do it. The incredible quarterback has had an illustrious career since he stepped on the big stage in the early 2000s. Brady remains one of the greatest stars after he recently helped his team win the Super Bowl. And in recent years, he has been exploring different innovative ideas.

As a result, he is one of the first set of players to launch an NFT platform. Undoubtedly, we believe he is one player who will continue to explore the possibilities of the crypto world and be part of the propellers of the gospel. There are still a few things to the star quarterback, but he is one of the players to accept crypto as a payment option. 

Aaron Rodgers

Another top athlete that has publicly announced his support for the technology is Aaron Rodgers. He is an incredible player that was named MVP in 2020. Also, he announced that he would partner with the payment service Cash App to accept part of his salary in bitcoin, showing his support for the technology. 

He is one of the celebrities with an affiliation with cryptocurrency. Rodgers has an exciting personality on and off the field, and his charismatic and humorous lifestyle makes him one of the most loved players in the NFL today. Many people trust him, and his affiliation with Bitcoin will influence many decisions. 

Trevor Lawrence

Another top superstar that joined the list of professional players accepting cryptocurrencies is Trevor Lawrence. He was a top draft pick in 2021 for the Carolina Panthers, and he publicly announced that he would collect crypto payments. Lawrence is part of the propellers and will continue to push the gospel of the crypto world. 

Lawrence remains an incredible athlete, and since his burst onto the scene, he has continued to deliver at the highest level. We can see that their great play will continue to deliver, and his incredible playing style will continue to resonate for many years. He might even become a legend and Hall of Famer. 

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley partnered with the Strike payment application to receive his money. Although he is not directly paid using crypto, he would be swapping his salary for Bitcoin. In his case, he would receive cash salaries but change them into crypto. We believe he would eventually join others to receive direct crypto payments. 

Odell Beckham Jr. 

Odell Beckham went in the same direction as Aaron Rodgers. He would be receiving his NFL salary in BTC. As a result, he becomes another top professional athlete that would publicly accept this innovation and propel the gospel of crypto, giving it more credibility in the eyes of the fans. 

Beckham Jr. has always been a fan of crypto and NFTs, and He also promised that about $1 million in BTC would be given back based on his partnership with Cash App, just like Aaron Rodgers. In that case, we expect more people to choose Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and invest in the project. 

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