Myths associated with general physicians

The credibility of the general doctors is often misunderstood by the patients and their families. Though the general physicians in Kolkata are efficient, experienced, and extremely reputed, their profession is often categorized with a couple of myths. Some of these myths are true and some are not. People like to visit the general doctors to get a primary check-up and an update regarding their health in general. However, which people are less aware of is that these physicians are more than just offering primary checkups. We often consider the following myths – 

Myth, which is true

A general physician’s opinion is required before visiting a specialist 

People often make this comment that before visiting any specialist, one should definitely have an opinion from their house physicians (general experts). This is, fortunately, a true statement because general physicians provide a thorough examination, which helps in diagnosing a particular disease. Further, they offer referrals of different kinds of specialists. Patients hence choose to take an initial opinion from these experts first and go through a proper full diagnostic procedure to have a better understanding of their particular problem. 

Myths, which are a complete lie

  • Any type of health professional can play the role of a general physician – Probably this is the most common myth accepted widely among the society. People grow this idea that any health professional having a degree in any of the medical branches can easily perform the diagnosis and treatment a general doctor provides. The truth is general physicians are trained to successfully diagnose common medical conditions and provide treatments accordingly. Doctors specialized in a particular branch of medical science might not be able to successfully diagnose and treat common problems. Also, they do not offer that in their chambers. 
  • General Doctors know everything – Again a misconception is to consider general doctors as medical professionals who know everything. They can only diagnose primary conditions and accordingly suggest treatments and specialists. They tell you what the problem is and how much potential it has. At the same time, they might tell you what you are about to face in the future if you are not further assisted by a particular specialist. If the general physicians have the expertise to treat everything then the existence of specialty doctors would have become meaningless. In fact, fewer people are aware of the fact that studying general medicine is a type of specialization too. 
  • You need to visit a general practitioner only when you are sick – It is disappointing how more than half of society believes that they need to see a general practitioner only when they are ill. What you probably do not know is that even when you are in good health, you should be visiting a doctor. It is called a general check-up to successfully maintain satisfying health throughout. You would get to know whether there is an underlying disease or not and what further precautions you should take.

Find the best general physicians in Kolkata to keep good health. Make sure to check their experience, chamber details, and their reputation among patients. You will easily find these details on the utility search portals these days. Summary – Do you know that there are many myths associated with the profession of general doctors? People think that any kind of medical professionals can do the work general physicians do. Clear your doubts and stay healthy! 

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