LMPC Certificate: The most important document that you’ve never heard of

LMPC Certificate is a mandatory document issued by the Legal Metrology Department of India. Anyone who wishes to import, manufacture or even package a product, has to acquire this certification. However, it’s also one that no one has head of. Well, until now that is.

When it comes to business licenses, India has many. Most of them like CDSCO are quite well known. However, there are others like LMPC that have slipped through the cracks. If you’re an importer, regardless of any kind, it’s one certificate that you’re going to need. Covering nearly 95 percent of the products in India, LMPC registration is a requirement that has always slipped the mind of people. However, through this article, we are about to change that.

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What is LMPC?

LMPC Full form of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity. It’s the part of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules 2011. As per these rules, following entities, if involved with import or sale of pre-packaged products, have to obtain packer- manufacturer registration or license from Legal Metrology department:

  • Individual
  • HUF
  • Corporation
  • Society
  • Company or,
  • Any other business entity

The license is issued by Director-Controller of Legal Metrology Department. So, what is LMPC certificate? It’s a permission to import or sale pre-packaged products in India?

How does one apply for the packer manufacturer license?

There are two ways to apply for LMPC registration:

  • State Department: If your business only spans within your state.
  • Central Department:If your business spans in multiple states.

The procedure for LMPC registration is as follows:

  • Fill the application form available at the Legal Metrology Offices
  • Attach the essential documents to it. They include:
    • Your ID proofs
    • Your Address proofs
    • Address proof of your company or your business
    • Other business licenses associated with your specific type of business
    • Details of the package
    • INR 500 demand draft
  • Submit the form to Director Controller of LMPC.

What comes after you obtain the LMPC Certificate for import or anything else?

Once you obtain the LMPC certificate for import, you must adhere to the rules that state the list of information that you have to specify on the Principal Display Panel. The information that you must provide to the consumer through this panel are as follows:

  • When the product was imported:
    • Year
    • Month date
  • If the applicant is the manufacturer:
    • Manufacturing unit address
    • Telephone number
    • Customer complaint Number
    • Email ID
    • MRP

The size of the principal panel is decided by the Legal Metrology Department.

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The reason that packer registration was introduced

All these facts might be making you wondering: For whose benefit the LMPC registration was made mandatory. Well, for the consumer of course.

A consumer should always know the product he is buying, By ensuring that manufacturers, importers and packer don’t hide any information from them, the department works towards the welfare of customers in India and abroad.


LMPC certificate has created a rule of transparency that you must adhere to as a manufacturer, importer, or a packer. IF you have any queries, reach out to our experts at Registrationwala.

LMPC Registration is a requirement for every packer, manufacturer and importer in India, but people don’t know much about it. That ends once you read this blog.

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