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Berlin is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe. It has a rich industrial history, and the city was once home to some of the most important innovations in human history. Today, Berlin is a buzzing metropolis with a vibrant economy, lots of public green spaces and an active lifestyle. Berlin is one of the major centers for innovation. 

The city attracts many talented people who are drawn by its creative and cutting-edge atmosphere, as well as its high quality of life. It’s no surprise that Berlin is home to many innovative startups and companies, as well as being a magnet for international talent. City has been ranked as one of Europe’s best places to live for families looking to settle down, with plenty of amenities on offer for both children and adults alike.

The city is open all night

The city is open all night. Berlin is a 24-hour city, meaning that it’s possible to get anything you need at any time of day or night. Want a slice of pizza? No problem! Need some bread for your breakfast sandwich? No worries! This convenience has made it possible for restaurants and shops alike to stay open later and cater to those with odd schedules, who are looking for something new and exciting before bedtime, or who just feel like partying all night long.

Rent And Public Transport

If you’re looking for an apartment in Berlin, there are several options. There are many large property management companies who rent out shared apartments and houses directly to tenants. Apartments can usually be rented on a monthly basis and  include utilities (furnished apartments) such as water, electricity and heating. The furnished apartments tend to be more expensive though.

Public transport in Berlin is very good, there are buses, trams, U-Bahn trains and S-Bahn trains all over town with easy connections between them at each station or stop along each line so getting from one place to another doesn’t take long at all!  A single ticket costs 3 euros which gives you unlimited travel for two hours after purchase. 

The city is home to a vibrant arts scene

Berlin is one of the most creative cities in Europe. Art, literature and music have always been a part of the city’s identity, which has led to a rich history of museums and festivals. The city boasts some of the best museums in the world including Pergamon Museum and Gendarmenmarkt Museum, as well as three opera houses: Deutsche Oper Berlin; Komische Oper Berlin; and Staatsoper Unter den Linden.

The local art scene continues to grow with galleries popping up all over town like Patta Gallery (in Kreuzberg), Galerie Emanuel Layr (in Neukölln) or Amstel Artist Space (in Mitte). And if you’re looking for great nightlife there are plenty of options from hipster bars such as Prince Charles Bar & Whisky Lounge (Kreuzberg) or SO36 Club & Music Venue (Friedrichshain).

Berlin has one of the coolest music scenes in Europe

Berlin is one of the best places in Europe for music, with a thriving scene that includes electronic music, indie rock and jazz. If you love classical music, Berlin is home to many symphonies and opera companies. You can catch a concert at one of the city’s venues like the Staatsoper or Philharmonie.

The city also has some great street festivals celebrating local bands and musicians throughout the year: Reeperbahn Festival (rock) in July; JazzFest Berlin (jazz) in October; Berlinale Konzertprogramm (classical) every January; Summer Sounds Open Air Pop & Rock Festival (rock) in June; Love Parade dance party held on Labor Day weekend every year since 1989…

Berlin can be whatever kind of place you want it to be

Berlin can be whatever kind of place you want it to be. You might have seen Berlin portrayed as a city of street art, squatting and countercultures—and that’s true. But it’s also a great place to live, work and play. Berlin is home to some of the most innovative young companies in Europe (the German capital is ranked third on Forbes’ list of European cities with the highest number of startups). And because of its relatively low cost of living compared to other European capitals, there’s also plenty here for those interested in starting their own businesses or careers while living abroad.

If you’d rather find yourself among likeminded people who share your interests than spend time alone indoors trying to figure out what they are, then Berlin may be just right for you. It could even become one of those places where you find yourself at home without having moved away from your hometown at all! In fact, many expats say that one thing they love about being here is how friendly people are–whether they’re native Germans or not!


Berlin is one of the most affordable places on earth to live, and it has a lot to offer. It’s not just a city for young people; Berlin is perfect for families too. You can find great schools here, along with many parks, playgrounds and sports fields. The city also offers cultural events all year round including festivals like Christmas markets or Easter celebrations.

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