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Key Benefits Of Hiring MYOB Bookkeepers For Businesses!

Every business is different, and many factors need to be considered when selecting a bookkeeping software that suits a business. MYOB is a powerful accounting program capable of handling all accounting needs of both small and large businesses. MYOB bookkeepers are very advanced and can handle the Professional bookkeeping services of many businesses in Perth.

Features Of Myob

There are many features of the MYOB bookkeeping software; some of these features are-


MYOB has different products that one can choose from. MYOB AccountRight and essentials are accounting programs that are designed for small businesses. The MYOB Advanced is an advanced management platform for large businesses. Each of the products has three levels to sort out the one that fits the business.

As a business grows and develops, one can easily move up the ranks of MYOB. There is no need in changing the accounting program as whatever size a business is, MYOB can fulfil all the demands.

Multiple company accounts

The top rank of AccountRight helps one to manage multiple business accounts. This is suitable if an individual runs multiple businesses. One can manage them with the help of a username, and other users can be added to the business. One can switch to working with various businesses whenever one is log in.

The program can also help keep businesses separate, but one can prepare business reports for every company without logging in and out of the software. Handling multiple accounts can save a lot of time.

Unlimited payroll

One of the most impressive features of MYOB bookkeeping services is the payroll software. The software features unlimited payroll to handle all the employers on the books efficiently. MYOB can process multiple pay runs simultaneously and can also handle many wages and hourly rates.

MYOB works firmly with the ATO, and the software is always updated with the current tax laws. MYOB currently lets a business affected by COVID-19 access temporary JobKeeper payments.

Inventory management

Inventory tracking is another important tool of MYOB. AccountRight can help keep a detailed checklist of inventories and also keep track of backorders. It can also provide automated alerts on stock levels.

A certain useful feature is that MYOB Bookkeeperscan track stock in different warehouses, even overseas. One can record where an item is received and from where an item is shipped. MYOB Advanced allows one to manage the entire distribution process for large businesses. Eventually, it includes monitoring goods in transport between locations, location control/inventory bin, expiration dates, and much more.

Time billing

Not every business sells products. There are many businesses where people get paid by time (lawyers, drivers, entertainers, and writers), and businesses sell a merger of time and product (tradies, mechanics). MYOB allows one to specify the billing rates on time and products if needed.

The application can generate an invoice that can break down activities into an employee’s time. The same invoice includes items that have been sold to customers, and the hours will further be included in the employee’s wages. One can also filter time billing reports to include needed information.

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Job management

If an individual has a business where multiple jobs are carried out for a single customer, the application’s job management feature can be very useful. It can link the jobs to particular customers by forming job numbers that assign invoices and expenses to individual service jobs.

How MYOB Can Help Avoid Tax Penalties

One may have to pay any tax penalties to the Australian tax office if they fail to oblige by the rules. Most of this occurs from failing to report income, taxes, and other documents.

By working with MYOB bookkeepers, one can make sure all the reports are submitted to the government regularly. One need not worry about calculating payroll taxes or other things as it will be done for them. This will allow a business to run as usual while allowing MYOB bookkeepers to focus on tax obligations.

Final Words

There are numerous benefits for a business in hiring MYOB bookkeeping services. It can help save a lot of money, and one does not have to focus on financial work when they are in charge. There are many bookkeeping services in Perth that a business owner can link up with to handle the bookkeeping and accounting tasks of the firm. But due to the advanced features of the MYOB bookkeeping application, they could be an ideal choice for various business owners.

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