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Integrating CoVid 19 Proof Features within Your Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone

The Gojek Clone app has been making waves in the industry in the present times. This is why; many smart entrepreneurs have been looking out for the best on-demand multi-service option available in the market. Many on-demand mobile app developers have started building their own versions of the Gojek Clone app because of this tremendous popularity.

However, the fabric of the world that we live in has changed completely. What earlier used to be an open world has today become confined into smaller and tightened spaces. We have to observe extra caution when doing anything at all.

This has made it extremely difficult for people to continue their business in the most normal fashion. Many businesses have learned to evolve with the times and only they have managed to survive. The key to making sure that your business is successful is to make sure that you evolve with the times.

Top CoVid 19 Proof features that you need for your Gojek Clone app

There are a few top features that you must be sure to include in your Gojek Clone app that ensures customer and service provider protection against CoVid 19. Let us take a look at them:

Face Mask Verification

This is a feature that will ensure that the driver of the taxi has to click a selfie wearing the face mask before they can be permitted through the app to begin the ride.

Limited Passenger Seat Booking

This feature is to keep the social distancing norms in mind. It will allow people to book seats within a car to a limited capacity. This means a car with a passenger capacity of 7 people will only be enabled for 4 seats so that no one has to sit next to each other.

Safety Checklist

To ensure that the service provider, as well as the customer, do not slight the safety regulations put in place by the government bearing in mind the kind of havoc this pathogen has wreaked on our lives, this app offers to show a  list of all the safety norms right at the beginning of using the app.

Safety Badge for Stores

This feature allows app owners to place the emblem of a small badge awarded to stores that have been keeping in mind all the safety regulations of the present times. This feature ensures that the customers feel secure and safe while shopping from a particular place.

Contactless Deliveries

This is an option that allows delivery professionals to make deliveries for the orders and bookings placed through the apps without actually physically coming in contact with the customer. The best way to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus is to make sure that you are away from different people and this feature helps in doing just that.

Cashless Payments

Limiting cash transactions between people is very important to curb the spread of this virus. With the help of this feature, customers can make automated payments using the app without having to worry about exchanging cash with another person.

Ride Cancellation

This option allows passengers using the taxi option of the Gojek Clone app to cancel the ride in case they find that the driver is not following all the CoVid 19 related safety measures, without incurring any cancellation fee. This also extends to the drivers as they too can cancel rides in case they observe malpractice of safety norms by customers.


The CoVid 19 pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down. However, the Gojek Clone app-based on-demand multi-service business has managed to thrive during these perilous times only because it has been able to adapt to the needs of the situation. If you too are planning to get your own on-demand Gojek Clone app, make sure that you only purchase it from a reputed and reliable on-demand Gojek Clone or mobile app Development Company with at least 7 to 10 years of experience in building and launching apps of an on-demand nature.

It is best to work with a white labeling company so that you can get your logo and brand name on the app when you launch it on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store under your server credentials. The time to jump into this business and turn profitable is now. So, choose your app wisely as you set a course on the multi-service business based out of the Gojek Clone app.

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