How to Transfer EML Files to Hotmail Account? Perfect Solution

There is a large number of people that desire to move from their desktop client to these days. They want a simple method to transfer EML files to Hotmail for this operation. Users who wish to complete this challenge correctly will find their answers below.

Users are immediately transferring from numerous email programmes to Hotmail due to the high demand for it. You may use Hotmail to send and receive emails, as well as manage your calendar and contacts. The data in Hotmail is saved in the (personal storage table) file type. Thunderbird, Outlook Express, WLM, and Apple Mail, on the other hand, use the EML format. As a result, data must be compatible with the destination application before the migration can be completed. So, first and foremost, let’s understand why this movement is taking place.

User Query;

Good day there, I’m Kelvin, and I’ve been using for business purposes for a long time, with over 700 EML files. As a consequence, I’d want to use my account to import all of my EML files. However, I am unfamiliar with the technique; I tried the manual way, but it takes an excessive amount of time and is ineffective. As a result, I’m looking for a solution to transfer EML files to Hotmail accounts.


  • EML File – An EML file is a single Outlook or Outlook Express email message stored by Microsoft. There’s a chance it’ll also contain an email attachment.
  • Hotmail – is one of the most convenient and speedy cloud-based email applications available. For the previous 15 years, millions of people have chosen it. Users may easily add contacts with detailed information and have access to a big amount of storage space with Hotmail. Furthermore, Hotmail provides native Microsoft Office support. So, if you’re thinking about switching to a cloud email provider, Hotmail should be one of your first choices.

Why does the User Need to Transfer EML to Hotmail?

The transfer EML files to Hotmail is necessary for a variety of reasons. Microsoft constantly updates or changes its email client, however, there is only one email client for MS Office, Aside from these, there are a few more aspects that play a role in EML to Hotmail conversion.

  • Human Error: It is understandable that when dealing with other email applications, users may change some of the email application’s default settings. If any issues arise as a consequence of the change in default settings, it may be necessary to transfer EML files to Hotmail.
  • Network Error: A problem with your internet connection might be the cause of this error. As a result, some issues arise that cause interruption while using apps that handle EML files.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, there may be others that contribute to the conversion.

Way to Convert EML Files to

Users may effortlessly transfer EML files to Hotmail without losing any information. And there is only one method to do that, which is to utilise an automated tool. I’d like to suggest EML Converter Tool in this case. This utility offers a full solution for those who want to move their mailbox data from EML to Hotmail format. Not only that but migrating without losing data is a fairly efficient process. This programme converts a variety of file formats quickly, including MBOX, PDF, HTML, and others.

Steps to How to Use EML to Hotmail Converter Software?

  1. Download EML to Hotmail converter software and click on the open tab
  2. After that upload the EML files in the software panel
  3. Thereafter click on the export option and choose the IMAP
  4. Lastly, enter login details and click on the Save button
    transfer eml files to hotmail

Features of EML to Converter Tool

  • This programme can easily convert several EML files into a account at the same time.
  • You may quickly import all EML files, including their attachments, with this programme.
  • This programme respects the prior folder structure while completing the conversion.
  • By establishing a separate folder with sub-folders, users may save EML files to
  • The most crucial characteristic of this programme is that it does not change the original formatting throughout the converting process.
  • Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zarafa Mail, Kunomail, and other EML files are supported by the programme.


Finally, as you can see from the examples above, we showed you how to transfer EML files to Hotmail using one of the most dependable programmes available. So, do you want to manually import your EML files into and risk losing your data, or do you want to import your EML files into with ease and risk losing your data? I hope you found the article useful.

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