How to Repair BKF File to Restore & Recover Data from Corrupt BKF ?

Recover data from corrupt BKF files and how to restore BKF file information is an unanswered inquiry, which a considerable lot of us have no clue about. Thus, with this article, I would like to help you and explain a technique to recover corrupt BKF file data without any issues. So, keep learning and continue reading the post.

BKF file or a .bkf extension is a Backup file of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Several editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system have their own backup facility through NT-Backup Tool, Symantec Backup Exec, and many more.

These utilities come from Microsoft to back up Windows files and folders and generate files with the extension – BKF. So, when your Windows files and data was corrupted, you can easily restore all the corrupted files with the help of this BKF file. But what if this file also got corrupted?

Well, in this situation you can’t do restoring process due to file corruption. And also the NTBackup utility generate many error codes such as: Error Code: 0x80070005, Error Code: 0x80070724, Error Code: 0x81000109, Error Code: 0x800423F4, Error Code: 0x8007000E, Error Code: 0x8007000E, Error Code: 0x8007007B, Error Code: 0x80040154, Error Code: 0x80070057, Error Code: 0x80070005, etc.

To solve all these issues, we need a proper solution. But before we explain the solution, let’s understand what the reasons for BKF file Corruption are.

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BKF File Corruption – Common Reasons

There are lots of reasons when your BKF file was corrupted. One of the major corruption reasons is viruses. In the below section, we have explained some common reasons for BKF file corruption.

  • Virus Attach: It is one of the most widely recognized issues for data corruption on computers. A virus is a computer malicious program to destroys your crucial data and information in a few seconds. For assume, you save your Windows backup BKF file on any drive of your computer. After that, you install an application from an untrusted source, then there are incredible possibilities of your information getting corrupted.
  • Shutdown Computer Accidentally or Power Failure: If you are working on a Windows backup process and suddenly there is a power failure, then your BKF file will get corrupted. Or when you move your BKF file from one location to another and suddenly the computer accidentally shut down, then there are lots of chances of data corruption.
  • Backup Windows Data in Improper Way: Any sort of interference or impedance during the backup process of the Windows might prompt information or data corruption. So consistently keep a check that the process is done without any issues such as power disappointment, human mistake, programming crash, etc.

Note: – There is no manual option available to restore data from corrupt BKF file. So, you need a professional utility to restore data from corrupted BKF files.

So, now the question arises of how to repair BKF file if the manual process doesn’t work.

How to Choose A Professional BKF Repair Tool ?

Trust me, if you need the best, then you should need to search on the internet for the best solution. However, after a huge time spent on the internet, I found the best solution. If the manual procedure doesn’t work to restore data from BKF file or your BKF file was corrupted. Then at this point, you need a professional solution – BKF Repair Tool.

This application provides the facility to restore data from corrupt BKF files in a few simple steps. The solution is quite good in repairing BKF files without any issues. It offers dual scanning modes for deeply scanning data from corrupted BKF files. So, if your BKF file was corrupted and you want to restore data from Corrupted BKF files, then use this solution.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Restore Data from Corrupt BKF File

  • Download the solution on your Windows & Windows Server computer.
  • Thereafter, choose the required scanning mode. It offers dual scanning mode for different situations.
  • The solution provides an option “Open File” to choose BKF file easily.
  • Now, the software starts scanning BKF files from the list.
  • You can select the required folders from the list of BKF scan folders.
  • Press the restore option and select the destination location path.
  • Click on the next to start BKF File extraction process.

Few Advantages of Professional BKF Repair Tool

  • Dual Data Scanning Modes:

The solution provides dual options to scan BKF file data easily. If you are BKF file is corrupted you can try Quick scan mode to find your data in normal mode. But if you don’t have to find any folder or data inside the BKF file. Then you can use the Recovery Mode of highly corrupted BKF files.

  • Freedom to Choose Only Required Data:

I have found a lot of applications that do not allow us to choose what we want to remove from the option. It means we are not able to select the required BKF file folder, they restore all data inside BKF files. But using this application you can easily select only required items from the list.

  • Easy to Understand Software Panel:

There are lots of users who have come from a non-technical background. That’s why we need to find a proper solution that provides a simple and easy-to-use platform. This product provides a single easy-to-understand user graphical interface. Now, you can easily use and repair .bkf file without any complications.

  • Select External Destination Location:

There are lots of users who want to store restored data at their destination location path. That’s why this application gives another bizarre feature to choose any location where you want to save your resultant data easily.

  • Windows & Server Supportable Solution:

You can easily install this application on your Windows as well as Server machines. It supports all editions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.


In this post, we have explained a way to find a professional tool to repair BKF files easily. After long research, I found a professional solution to repair BKF files easily. This solution has dual data scanning facilities to find data from heavily corrupted BKF files easily. It also provides the quick and fastest mode to repair BKF files easily. You can also try the demo edition of this solution to open and view BKF repairable data only. For more information, you can also visit on the official. I Hope, you like it. Thank you for giving your time.

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