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How to Open Google Takeout Files on Mac?

open google takeout on mac

If you are looking for how to Open Google Takeout Files on Mac? Then, this is the right place for you to open Google takeout files on Mac without facing any errors. In this blog, we will discuss two methods to complete the task simply and easily.

Firstly, we will know the intro of Google Takeout.

Google Takeout is one of the perfect utilities offered by Google to take backup of Gmail emails and other Google applications. Therefore, users can easily download the exported data created by Google Takeout and access it easily. You won’t be able to open Google Takeout files on iPhone, Mac, iMac, or Computer.

Method 1: Manual Method to Open Google Takeout File on Windows OS

If you want to access the files created by Google Takeout. Then, here you get an easy and simple process of Thunderbird email application. The resultant data is obtained in MBOX format, and you will be able to easily import MBOX files into Thunderbird.

However, there is a pre-condition involved in this method. As Thunderbird should have a configured email account in it. Which you will import the file. And you will need to download an additional ImportExportTools add-on that will help you to execute the entire process.

So, follow the below steps to open files exported using Google Takeout:-

Method 2: Steps to Open Created By Google Takeout On Mac

It is for those users, who are using a Mac machine, they can use Apple mail to open the resultant file. It happens because Apple mail permits users to open MBOX files in it. Follow the below steps to start:-

Instant Solution For Opening Google Takeout Files On Mac OS

As above we perform the manual method which is a lengthy and confusing process for non-voice users. Users face many issues to perform it manually.

So, use the best MBOX Converter for Mac Software to perform the task easily and simply without any trouble. Using this tool there is no need to install any other utility to complete the process.

There are several additional benefits of using this software as it offers many view modes to access emails. Let’s follow the below-working steps by using the tool.

Working to Open Google Takeout Files as Mac

If you want to open multiple Google Takeout files on Mac. Then, follow the below steps to easily open multiple data more easily. Let’s begin the process using the software.

This is how we did the process successfully without any trouble. Now, you can choose as per your requirement which one is best to open Google Takeout.

Author Suggestion

Several users are finding the solution for how to open Google Takeout files on Mac OS? So, in the above blog, we have discussed the same with easy and simple methods. Here you get two methods which are: manual & automated methods choice is yours’s which one is better for you.

Experts suggest an automated solution that is safe and secure to perform this task easily. This software will open multiple Google Takeout data files without installing any other application. Check the article for more information in detail.

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