How to obtain BEE certificate Registration

BEE certificate registration is a requirement mandatory for electronic appliances because it gives star rating to them based on their efficiency. The process of obtaining this certificate is divided into two stages. We’re going to discuss those stages through this blog. 

The advent of realization that electric power needs to be conserved gave rise to the government stepping in with new energy conservation laws. BEE certification is a part of those laws. By issuing star rating to the electrical products, the government aims to promote appliances that are efficient in terms of power, and affordable in terms of price. 

To obtain the star rating, one must understand the BEE certification process. 

Levels of BEE certification

There are two levels of Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification. They are:

  • Brand Certification: In this process, several products of the brand are assessed by the Bureau to see if the brand reserves the right to receive star rating. 
  • Model Certification: Once the brand is registered, the Bureau turns its attention to the product under that brand. It’s at this level star rating is granted to the product. 

Process of BEE Certification (Brand Level)

Following is the process of BEE certification at the brand level:

  • Incorporate your business: While you can obtain BEE certificate online even as a sole proprietorship, it’s recommended that you obtain certificate of incorporation for your company. 
  • Get trademark registration: IF the brand has registration under the trademark laws, the BEE wont’ shy away from providing the registration. 
  • Run tests on certain samples: Run efficiency test on certain samples of your product. 
  • File the online application for BEE registration: File the application for BEE registration online at this point. Make sure to attach the required documents. These are as follows:
    • Trademark Certificate
    • Manufacturing facility details
    • Valid BIS certificate if applicable
    • Quality Management Certificate
    • SSI Certificate
    • Product samples for Testing
    • Some other prescribed documents

Process of BEE certification (Model Level)

Following is the process to get star rating for your model

  • Get the product tested at an independent lab
  • Get the test reports
  • File the application for BEE model registration using the same portal
  • Send the sample of the product to BEE
  • Get the star rating for your product

The documents that are required for BEE model level registration are as follows:

  • Cover Letter
  • Test Report from an NABL accredited Lab
  • Declaration Letter
  • Specimen of BEE model
  • Agreement

Bureau of Energy Efficiency Registration is only possible if you’re thorough with the above-mentioned documents. If one of the documents are absent, the process might take longer than it should. 

How to prevent any delay in BEE certification process?

To prevent any delay in the process to certify your product, all you need is a dedicated BEE certification service. We can provide you the same. Our services include:

  • Complete application filing assistance
  • Help with documentations
  • Follow up with the department
  • Ensuring that application is processed on due time. 

With our assistance, it will be possible for you to receive the license on time without any issues. 

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