How to Land that Dream Cuban Vacation that you Want


Be generous when it comes to tipping in Cuba, as it is highly appreciated.

Whenever you are dining in Cuba, make sure that your hands are visible above the table.

Do focus on your facial expressions and gestures when you’re having a conversation in Cubana, as they are more important than verbal communication.

It’s okay if you’re a few minutes late when you’re in Cuba. They’re relaxed when it comes to time.

Stick to casual dressing but wear long pants when you’re traveling in Cubana.

Do not start eating until your host says ‘Buen Provecho’ when you’re dining.

Never address waiters by waving or calling their names, as this is considered very unmannerly.

Do not feel offended if you’re interrupted while speaking, as it is common in Cuba.

Never ever step a little back when you’re having a conversation with someone, as this is interpreted as a very rude gesture.

Say ‘No’ to constant and direct eye contact with Cubans as they feel uncomfortable by this.

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