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How to Increase your Profit Stream with an App like Instacart?

Smartphones have made our life easy with the advent of technology. We can use an app or a website to order everyday essentials. Online grocery delivery apps like the Instacart clone app are gaining popularity due to the convenience factor. With good services, the brands earn customer loyalty. On-demand grocery gets delivered on the same day. They save time, money and energy for the customers as they can stay confined to their homes and need not step out.


Pandemic has increased the need for such apps and services. People order almost everything online and get them delivered to their doorstep. The virus has instilled fear among the crowd. This works in favour of grocery delivery services as there is a huge spike in the users for such apps. People who normally do not use such apps have switched to this mode.


Growth of on-demand grocery delivery apps like Instacart

The global on-demand grocery delivery services is expected to grow to $44.23 billion between 2020-2024, advancing at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period. There was a dip in the growth by 4.85% in 2020. Covid is transforming various industries. The impact of the outbreak varies and not every industry is benefited. Some industries are suffering, and many companies got shut down due to lack and loss of business. For the rest, Covid has acted as the backbone and supported them. 


Most e-commerce services are flourishing as people do not step out of their homes. The lockdowns have affected many businesses, especially small grocers and retailers. Grocery delivery services have been popular pre-pandemic and are expected to hold the same value post-pandemic due to the ease of ordering and convenience factors. In the period of the virus, there is a consistent demand for such services. This will result in an economic boom. 


Entrepreneurs or businesses who wish to invest in a sector that can fetch a good return should opt for grocery delivery services. Instacart Clone will also help small grocers and retailers who struggle to make sales.


Instacart- Then and now

Instacart is an American grocery and pick up delivery service operating in the U.S and Canada. Its services are offered through its website and mobile app. Being founded in 2019, it is headquartered in San Francisco. It operates in 5500+ cities in both the countries and is owned by Maplebear Inc. The company earned its first profit of $10 Million in 2020. Instacart app gained 218% more app installations in 2020. 


How does Instacart work?

The customer places an order using the customer app and the delivery agent/ shopper receives a notification about the order and proceeds to the respective store to buy the products. The products get picked up and delivered at the customer’s address.


Instacart Clone App development: Features and requirements for creating an app like Instacart


Customer App:

The customer app should contain the following features:


Delivery Agent/ Shopper App:


Admin App:




Cost of Development:

Cost of development of apps like Instacart depends on the brand and software packages. In case of customization, some features including graphics and add-on elements’ cost vary. Some elements cost more than others. Set a budget and discuss with the developer. Add only the features that are necessary to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Revenue Model:


Final Thoughts:

Creating an online grocery delivery app like Instacart clone will cater to a large number of customers and offer a wide range of products. It offers 24×7 customer support and adds value to your business goals and economy on the whole. The app’s cost is based on chosen features and customizations. It helps in inventory management of the stores as they constantly keep track of products sold and is a hassle-free method to earn profits consistently due to its current need in the world.

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