How To Identify Scrap Metal?

Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal

Earn Money From Scrap Metal

Do you know, you can earn money from scrap metal? Yes! You read correctly, scrap metal will let you earn a good amount of money from selling it to a scrap yard. You can get the most of it if you sort it out properly and different metals are weighed separately. For that, you need to be able to identify different scrap metals from each other. Mohit Aggarwal, Aastha Group, with his profound expertise will help you identify scrap metals.

Use Magnet If you are a beginner, then this is the best place to start metal identification. Use a regular magnet (whichever is available to you), and see how the metal reacts to it. The metals that get attracted towards the magnet are ferrous, and they contain iron in them. These scrap metals could be steel or cast iron, etc. The metals that do not get attracted towards magnets are non-ferrous, and they do not have iron in them. These scrap metals could be aluminum or brass or copper, etc

Identifying a Metal Is By Its Weight

Weight Another easy way of identifying a metal is by its weight. For instance, iron is a heavy metal and on the contrary, aluminum is a lightweight metal. So, pick up the metals and feel their weights, this will help you segregate the metals. If you want to go into precisions and avoid any confusion you can even use a weighing machine.

Oxidation on a metal tells you a lot about the type of metal. Oxidation on the metal can be of different colors, for instance, iron has red rust on it, while oxidation on copper and bronze is a greenish color. And metals such as stainless steel and Chromium will have no oxidation on them. Nevertheless, as Aastha Group’s experts, we must tell you that you need to keep the age and condition of the metal in mind. If the metal hasn’t aged much and is in a good condition, then it will not have oxidation on it.

Colors Different metals have distinctive colors which can help you in figuring out which type of metal it is. Copper can be a good case in point as the metal will be copper color or red brass. Or if you see golden-colored metal in the scrap, it is probably brass. Both copper and brass are rare, so identifying them properly can get you a fair price.

Hardness is another point with which you can sort out the metal. Try bending the metals you have. Metals with low density will bend easily such as lithium and aluminum. And metals like iron, steel, and zinc have high density, so they can not bend.

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