How to get RNI registration in India?

If you wish to start your own newspaper, you can’t do it on your own. As it’s the people of India who will end up reading it, it’s the government of India that you’d want to appease first. That’s why you’ll need to obtain the RNI registration.

What is RNI registration? It’s the certification that lets you enter your newspaper title inside the register of the Registrar of Newspaper. In this article, I am going to cover the following:

  • What to do before filing the application for RNI registration?
  • What is the process of RNI registration?
  • How much does cost?
  • Can you reduce that cost?

Before application filing, choose the right title of the newspaper

When you get excited all of a sudden to start a newspaper, you might find yourself not thinking about the title of your newspaper, but the newspaper registration. Like many, aspirants of newspapers think that just throwing money and the Registrar will solve their problems.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Before you start filing the application, you have to choose its correct title. Following are some guidelines to make that choice:

  • Think of a random title and do a check: If you think of a title like “City Times”, then before putting it into the application form, you should check whether or not it’s available for registration. For that, you need to do a RNI registration check. How to check RNI registration, it’s something that consultants can do for you.
  • Choose a meaningful title: Unlike a brand, a newspaper names carries with it a feeling that whoever reads it will understand that it’s a newspaper. That means you can’t choose gibberish titles for your newspaper.

What is the process ?

Once you’ve decided upon the title of your newspaper, you can proceed to follow the RNI registration procedure. It involves two things:

  • Getting the title approved by the RNI
  • the content of the newspaper approved by the RNI

Getting RNI’s approval for the title

  • File the online application for Title verification
  • Submit the title and provide its meaning
  • Pay the fees to finalize the online submission
  • Take the printout of the application form
  • Submit that to the SDM
  • Obtain the title verification letter

Getting RNI content approval

  • Declare on a stamp paper that you’ve obtained the title verification letter
  • Submit the declaration to the SDM
  • Get it back once the SDM signs (authenticates) it.
  • Submit the declaration to the RNI with the first copy of your newspaper.
  • Get the RNI Registration certificate once the content is approved.

How much does RNI registration cost?

To give most people the opportunity to start their newspaper, the government does not charge RNI registration costs. However, the professionals who file your application and do the due diligence to assist you do charge you some amount. So, yeah, there is a professional fee that you’re required to pay but that varies from service provider to service provider.

Can you reduce the RNI registration fees?

If you reach out to the right experts, you can reduce the fees. However, to accomplish that, you need to contact equally accomplished experts. Like Registrationwala. We can provide you end-to-end RNI registrations services from title verification to content approval.


How to get RNI registration in India? There is a hard way, and there is a way that’s defined in this blog.

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