How to Get Dressed for a Date?

Dressing on Date

Such a positive event as a date brings complicated feelings. From one side, you feel the excitement, joy, and modest hopes for a pleasant time spent together with a person you’re interested in, or even bolder hopes for a “lifetime” and “happily ever after”. But from the other side, there are anxiety and fear. “What happens if I fail?” First, you should keep in mind that it is highly unlikely that the world would end even if you do. Secondly, we’re here to minimize the possibility of an unpleasant outcome at least with the advice concerning the outfit.

There are so many controversial thoughts in your head before the date. How to look not too fancy and high-maintenance, but not too casual? How to dress without looking too formal, but not become trashy? Also, how to show your advantages without exposing yourself too much? So, let’s try to find a compromise to make your outfit perfect. We’ll start by talking about general DOs and DON’Ts. Then, suggest several outfits that should help you to dress up for your date.

First and foremost, you need to feel confident and comfortable. Seriously, that’s the most important rule! Because it is the attitude that matters and builds up the image. Though it’s a bit hard to imagine how you can play off your favorite pajamas on the date. There’s nothing impossible. Returning to the point, you need to have at least one item in your outfit, that makes you feel confident, some comfortable piece of clothes or jewelry. Jeans you feel like your second skin, favorite sneakers, or even the anxiety ring, anything will do.

Secondly, and it adds to the first, don’t wear something that is out of your character. Clothes that you wouldn’t normally put on are the worst idea. The urge to make a good impression is understandable, but you should remember the initial reason you’re going for that date. Your purpose is to find YOUR happiness, and it won’t happen if you lose yourself on the way. So, choose the outfit that matches your tastes and preferences.


Make sure that the outfit you picked fits you well. The pants that are too tight may prevent you from enjoying your food or activities during the date and even the most exquisite dress could look like a sack if it is larger than your size

Brand-new outfits and shoes are not the best ideas. Clearly, you want to look all shiny and new and may have bought new clothes or a pair of shoes particularly for the special day. But in order to be sure that you can trust your choice, you’d better walk this outfit for a meet-up with your friends beforehand. Try to do this at least several days earlier in case it gets dirty, or you understand that it didn’t pass the test. In that case, you will have time either to tidy up the clothes or decide upon the alternative.

The same goes for the shoes. It’s rather the exception to the rule of the god’s sent luck if the new shoes don’t cause blisters. And you don’t want to spill blood or limp on your first date unless you’re trying to play on sympathy. But it would rather show that you’re inconsiderate. So, it is better to avoid all the pain and inconvenience that the new pair may cause.

Talking about shoes, there are also obvious reasons to avoid super high heels for a date. They may restrict your movement or create the impression that you’re trying too hard.

The date isn’t the best time to show off too much skin. If you decided to expose the upper part of your body, for example, shoulders, hands, or the neckline area, make sure the lower part is covered enough, so as not to look trashy. If you went for a rather short skirt or shorts, you’d better forget about the bustier top. Blazers, jackets, trench coats, and shirts are a real lifesaver here. They may change the whole outfit, covering the skin when it’s inappropriate. Adding either more casual vibes to the overly formal look, or, on contrary, completing the plain image with some elegant vibes. And if the date goes well enough, you can always take it off to show some more.


Consider your underwear carefully. We’re not talking about showing your best underwear on the first date. The purpose is quite opposite, actually. Make sure that the outlines of your underwear are invisible underneath the clothes. Check if the straps of the bra aren’t showing. If you opt for a short skirt, consider wearing full-coverage underwear or a pair of booty shorts. To be sure that the outfit isn’t see-through, take a photo of it with a flash.

Don’t make a bet on overly intricate outfits. Feathers, complicated lacing, large ruffles, tinsel, and gems in great amounts will certainly draw attention… to poor taste. Remember that the outfit should be the frame of your personality. The decoration highlights your advantages, but not the main character of the show.

The outfits that are too casual are also a bad idea. Athletic wear won’t do unless you were invited to a date with sports activities or an event that requires a lot of movement. Pieces of wardrobe that are ripped, have holes, tears, or wear marks are way too casual and inappropriate for a date.

As to jewelry, it should be carefully chosen to match harmoniously with your outfit. Diamond necklace for women is classic and a must-have. An elegant and delicate diamond necklace will be the best choice for a date, as it becomes a perfect balance to provide a clear understanding that you don’t require high maintenance, but you’re well aware of your value. But remember, we’re talking about elegant and delicate! There’s no need to put on every single piece of jewelry to create a luxurious look. Don’t break the rule of three jewelry items at once. And there’s also no need to pick massive and bulky stones to show off the best you got.

Make sure the jewelry you decided on is in a good state. The purpose of the diamonds is to make your beauty shine, so preparing for the date you may clean diamonds at home or take them to the jeweler for maintenance.

Considering makeup and hair be careful not to overdo it. Opt for the hair and makeup you’re accustomed to, as worrying and checking your looks in the mirror too often won’t make the best impression. The makeup that is too bright and vivid, or the too complex hairdo will anyway be inappropriate on a casual date.

You can’t take a friend on a date with you, but you can take the accessory which impersonates a girl’s best friend and ally, the purse. A shoulder bag or a crossbody is able not only to finish the look but to hold everything you may need on a date: phone, keys, sunglasses, bandaids, lipstick, and a pocket mirror. That is why you should choose a bag as if you were choosing a friend.

You may have noticed that there are many NOs and DON’Ts here, so the fair question is “what should I wear?” We have several options that might fit different date scenarios.

Here are a few looks for those of you who can’t imagine yourself wearing anything else than jeans. You may combine straight-leg blue jeans with a black silk crop top and neutral mules adding a black leather shoulder bag and completing the look with a gold chain necklace or shiny gold hoops. Another outfit to build up with jeans is the one with a silk top, black blazer, and white boots. Add a small black shoulder bag and a gold chain necklace or a bracelet. Wide-legged black jeans will look perfect together with a bodysuit, leather blazer, and heeled boots matching by color with a small leather shoulder bag. Add some glamorous earrings, and you’re ready to go.

For those of you, who can imagine yourself on a date only wearing a dress, there are few ideas for an outfit. Light-gray body con knit dress with black unbuttoned shirt and white sneakers. A gold chain necklace or statement earrings and a black shoulder bag will finish the look. Another variant may include a black body con dress with a light denim shirt and black mules. Add gold hoops and an interesting colored leather shoulder bag to brighten up the outfit. For a more romantic look, you may choose a sundress with a blazer and white sandals. Adding gold earrings and a light-colored shoulder bag you’ll make the outfit a breath of fresh air.

I’m sure that the fans of leather pants are here and waiting. You may combine your favorite piece of clothes with a plain white tee and white blazer. Heeled boots, gold hoops, and a shoulder bag with a bold pattern will make the look appropriate for an evening date.

Take these basic ideas, complete or rearrange them according to your preferences and style to make them comfortable for you and go find your destiny! Or at least have a great time!

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