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How to Fix the Not Working Error?

How to Fix the Not Working Error? not working is one of the most common issues that users are reporting nowadays. Tp-Link router users are reporting that the default web URL is not responding. Therefore, some users are unable to access the Tp-Link router login page. 

The default URL is responsible to help you access your wireless router. You may be unable to login to the Tp-Link router if the URL does not respond or fails to connect. This is what we will be discussing today! Make sure you read this post until the end to avoid missing any useful information.

What causes tplinkwifi net not working error?

Our team investigated this particular error by going through various reports. We gathered several common scenarios that most likely trigger this issue. Now, we will discuss what is causing not working error.

  1. Security feature restricting users

Most Tp-Link routers come with an embedded security feature that prevents you from accessing the default URL The Tp-Link login page might also fail to connect if the router was not restarted for a long period of time. 

  1. Automatic IP not configured 

This is also one of the most common reasons causing the error to show up. In this, your computer is not configured to allow automatic IP assignment. This happens when the user has completed the initial setup through TP-Link’s Easy Setup Assitant. 

  1. The router is not configured to use

Some Tp-Link routers will not allow you to access the login page if you type the URL in the browser. Mostly, this error comes up on old Tp-Link routers.

  1. Faulty firmware

Last but not least! A faulty firmware can attract a lot of issues on your Tp-Link router. The router may not function optimally if the firmware is outdated or faulty. 

How to troubleshoot not working error?

  1. Restart router
  1. Directly access the IP address
  1. Reconfigure router using Easy Setup Assistant
  1. Reset Tp-Link router

That was all about the tplinkwifi net not working issues. We hope this post helped you fix the issue instantly. In case you encountered multiple issues while fixing the error, kindly get in touch with the support team.

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