How to Export Outlook Emails and Attachments – Complete Solution

Overview: Are you searching solution for export Outlook emails and attachments? If your answer is yes then, this is the right place to get the perfect solution. Stay tuned with us and read complete blog to know more about the solution.

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User Query:Hi! I am using Outlook from past 3-4 years. I have a problem, I just can’t find a resolution to solve my issue. In one of my outlook folders I have hundreds of emails many have attachments. Now, I want to export outlook emails and attachments. This can be done manually, but only one at a time. Is there any way of selecting a bunch of emails and perform this procedure? If yes, then please suggest a solution. Thanks and Regards!!!

Christiana, Liverpool

Just like above user there are many users who are facing similar kind of issue. We all know that Microsoft Outlook is an advanced email client and personal manager that is popular with home users, organizations, businesses, and Exchange/Office 365 users. Outlook provides outstanding design, features, advanced amenities, accounts configuration facility, and a friendly interface to its users. That’s why it has become the choice of the users.

Outlook users can easily attach files, documents, etc. to emails and send them as associated information. There are multiple situations when user needs to export Outlook emails along with their attachments.

It is easy to save all attachments from an email with the in built features of Outlook i.e., Save All Attachments. But, if user want to save all outlook emails and attachments at once, there is no direct feature can help.

What are the Reasons Behind Export Outlook Emails and Attachments ?

There are multiple reasons behind this procedure. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. To free up the storage space. As attachments occupies a lot of storage so it is better to export large emails having attachments.
  2. Attachments can be presented as evidence in courts. For this purpose, exporting emails along with attachments will be good.
  3. Saving attachments and emails for future use.

These are some common reasons due to which users look for the solution of the above-mentioned issue.

How user can Manually Export Outlook Emails ?

Manually user can only export one email and attachment. As such there is no option available through which users can bulk convert outlook emails and attachments.

Manual solution is only good for those users who wants to export few outlook emails. But if user is looking for bulk conversion process then, this method is complete waste of time.

So, it is better to go with technical approach for performing this task.

Automated Solution to Export Outlook Emails and Attachments – Direct Approach

Turgs Outlook PST File Converter is one of the best tool to perform this export process. It provides easiness for the users to maintain the mailbox format & its structure as well. This utility is easy to understand and any user can operate this tool without even having any kind of professional knowledge.

Also, there is no need to learn any technical skills to operate the software. This tool can easily export bulk emails and attachments in a single go by saving a lot of time and efforts. Users can also split PST file into 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB parts using an inbuilt option. Also, user will not have to face any file size limitation, they can convert any size PST file easily.

Step-by-Step Working Procedure of Outlook PST Converter

Users have to follow some simple steps for performing this task without facing any hassle:

1. First, user have to install and run PST Converter on your Windows Operating System.export outlook emails and attachments

2. Now, users can convert configured Outlook mailbox data or manually select the outlook data.

3. After that, mark the required files or folders to proceed further.

4. Thereafter, select required saving option from the given drop list. select saving option

5. Then, browse destination path for saving final output data.

6. Finally, click on convert button to start the export procedure.


The above blog described solution for export outlook emails and attachments in brief. Users can refer to this write-up if they are facing issues in performing this particular task. Here we have mentioned both manual and non – manual solution. Users can use any solution as per their requirement. But as mentioned above it will be best for the users to use technical solution.

Users can also take the help of demo version for knowing about the best features of the software. After satisfaction they can switch to licensed version also.

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