How to create and launch a local multi services app like Gojek, Grab and Careem?

Multi-service platforms have gained attention throughout many regions for their versatility. Multi-service apps like Gojek Clone, Grab, Careem offer various services like taxi booking services, grocery shopping, on-demand food delivery, and so on. The advantage of launching such services is that people in this fast-moving world look for a constant method to attain things easily and fast. The digital world and novel ideas help in framing out-of-the-box thinking. Innovations continue to flourish today and there is always a huge welcome to new methods and practices of technology. Launching an app like Gojek Clone can rise the traffic for the service due to the demand and get you a good hold of shares in the market.

Need for Multi-Service platform like Gojek Clone App

Globally, the pandemic has created the need for e-commerce services. E-commerce services have always been the most preferred kind, especially by the younger generation who are more exposed to modern technology and overlook traditional methods due to efficiency, convenience, and lack of time- especially working professionals. 

People of late are restricted from going outdoors and are confined to their homes. This raised the need for e-commerce amongst all age groups throughout the world. People who had never used e-commerce and preferred traditional services began shopping online. Due to the longevity of the pandemic, people most likely will get comfortable with this system and order services and products online. 

Such a situation from the eye of an aspiring entrepreneur or a businessman should be a boon as even in the beginning stage, a person can mint profits easily with a strategic approach and good technology. Launching apps like Gojek Clone is the need of the hour.

Overview of Gojek, Grab, and Careem apps

Gojek- Gojek formerly known as Go-Jek is an Indonesian On-demand multi-service platform owned by GoTo. It offers various services as Go-pay, Gobluebird, GoRide, GoFood, GoMart, GoShop, GoSend, and so on. The company was founded in 2010 as a call center to act as a medium between customers and courier delivery. In 2015, they launched an app with four services. GoRide, GoSend, GoFood and GoShop. Currently, the company is valued at USD 10 billion.

Grab- Grab is a multinational company based in Singapore. The company offers food delivery, transportation, and digital payments via an app. It operates in many Asian countries as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. The company was categorized as a start-up with USD 10 Billion.

Careem-  Careem is a vehicle hire company and is the subsidiary of Uber. It has its operations in 100 cities across 15 countries and is based in Dubai. In 2018, the company was valued at USD 2 Billion.

Reasons to launch Gojek, Careem and Grab clone App

For App owners

  • Meet the current day’s needs with multi-service apps as the need for taxi, grocery delivery, and other services increase. Urbanization has circumferenced people into preferring quick methods of getting tasks done. Most apps have a single purpose. Bringing all into one will make the job of app users easy and increase the traffic.

  • Bringing multiple features, plugins, and add-ons, the app can be transformed into a super app

  • Since the app provides multiple services, the audience will be diverse. So, the revenue generated will be very high

  • A multi-service platform offers you a medium to channelize your revenue and make better business transforming decisions. 

  • Developing multiple platforms for every single service will increase the expenses. Opting to bring all the services into one platform saves money and leads to cost-cutting. Every single platform has a separate codebase. In the given case, the maintenance will be less as there is only one platform.

For Customers

  • Customers would feel comfortable using multi-service apps as they offer several services at one go, in one platform. This will save phone storage, shift through multiple platforms, and gain brand value.

Inputs for launching the multi-service app

  • Diversify the number of services. Make sure the services are the need of the customers. Conduct market research. Polls, surveys may be conducted too.

  • Proper organization including planning on a budget, future goals, ideas to run your business should be analyzed.

  • Concentrate more on minor details and features of the app. Customer apps should be user-friendly and offer smooth screen navigation between different pages. The page loading time should be less.

Features to include in Multi-service apps

Customer App- Sign up/log in through phone number, email, and social media, search bar, dashboard, order/service tracker, delivery agent number, in-app chats, order/service request history, cancellation of orders/services, Reviews and ratings, ride-sharing, payment gateway, push notifications, etc.

Service/ Delivery Agent-  Sign up/log in through phone number, email, and social media, dashboard, view orders or request, accept orders or service request, payment methods, schedule services, check ratings, in-app chats, order service history, manage voucher, manage listings, push notifications, etc.

Admin- Dashboard, manage customers, manage service providers, manage vendors,  analytics, payment gateways, control management, track orders, order details, loyalty programs, manage multi-currency, push notifications, etc. 

Services to include in Multi-service Apps

Ride booking, Ride-sharing, Food delivery, Grocery shopping, Food ordering, Medicine delivery, Laundry services, House cleaning services, car washing services, Gifting, Courier delivery services, etc. 

Cost of Development of Multi-service app like Gojek Clone

The cost of services depends on various factors as:

  • Advanced features
  • Third-party integration
  • UI/UX design
  • Application functions
  • Location of app development company
  • Number of working hours
  • Maintenance
  • Quality testing

The revenue model for Multi-service app

In-app advertising- Includes in-app ads in skippable, unskippable, and banner ads. The video ads should not belong as they can lead to uninstalls.

Delivery and service charges- Customers may be charged for the delivery or service if the products they bought are below a threshold if their location is distant or the weight of a product exceeds a particular limit.

Commission from vendors and service providers- A nominal amount of commission may be charged as a source of revenue. It is valid to charge as you are the connecting source between them and their customers.

Final Thoughts

With the brilliance of technology and the human mind, the idea to launch a super app like Gojek will succeed. Launch the app if you look forward to starting a business that settles your future in the long run while retaining customer satisfaction.

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