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How to Build an Amazing Sales Team – 5 Simple Tips

Sales Team

Sales teams can be difficult to build. First, you have to find the right people who will make a perfect fit for your business. Secondly, make sure they enjoy their work and contribute productively to the growth of your business.  In the guide below, we look at five simple tips you can use to create an amazing sales team that delivers brilliant results.

1. Encourage team–building events to foster a community spirit

Ideally, you want your sales team to have a community spirit. Everyone should be positive, happy to work for you, and happy to work with each other. This type of positive attitude and approach to work can only benefit productivity and your sales figures.

A simple way to boost this is to organize in-house or online team-building exercises. These should be fun, engage employees, and involve collaboration. For example, you can organize events like escape rooms, crazy golf, or even a cinema outing! Incorporating exciting activities can strengthen your team’s bond.  

2. Utilize workflow tools to organize the team’s work

It can be difficult to manage a team of sales employees without losing track of their work and targets. However, you could utilize one of many online workflow platforms to help organize your team’s work.

Examples of these platforms include Trello, Asana, and JIRA. Also, consider using communication platforms like Slack that enable multi-personal messages. For example, using Slack, you can create message groups for different team members – this could be used to create messages groups for regional sales teams, for example.

3. Give incentives to team members for hitting sales targets

A tried and tested method that many sales teams use is to provide incentives. In most instances, incentives mean a bonus scheme or commission. Giving your sales team members monetary bonuses is a sure-fire way to boost their productivity and output.

You must make sure that the bonus scheme or commission is profitable for your business, and that real results are generated to earn it. However, the bonus/incentive must also actually be worth it for the employee! If your team members can improve their salary whilst improving your sales figures, everyone is a winner!

4. Create personalized marketing for sales reps

If you have a team of sales reps who engage in face-to-face customer meetings, they must be prepared! You must give your sales reps the tools and equipment they need to be successful, and create the right image during their client meetings.

A simple way to do this is to use a site like to produce personalized business cards. Ideally, each sales rep should have their own business card. They can take these with them when they head out on the road and give them to potential customers so they have a means of contacting them.

5. Show your appreciation and give praise where warranted

Lastly, if you want to build a team that cares and is invested in your business, you must appreciate them! Nothing deters a workforce more than a lack of appreciation and praise. Why would a sales employee want to be successful if they never hear they are doing a great job? 

You don’t have to go overboard with praise. However, show your appreciation and give praise when it is warranted. This could be something simple like sending a thank you email to a sales team member for closing a particularly difficult sale. Everyone loves to know the work they do is appreciated so make sure you show your team this!

Written by Leticia Taylor

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