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How to avoid cultural faux pas in Ghana?



Always greet people in Ghana because if you won’t do so, people will feel offended. You should even greet the vendor before purchasing anything.

Use a handshake for greeting and start from the first person to your right and then greet people by going towards your left.

Be prepared for some personal questions and discussions before business meetings. It is seen as an important thing for rapport formation.

Always say to people that ‘you are invited’ when you’re eating something. Not inviting people for food is seen as an insult.

Follow the ‘sharing is caring’ rule when you’re in Ghana. Sharing food and stories is a good way to join this culture which, unlike Western culture, believes in interdependence.

Never cross your legs while sitting especially when you are sitting in front of elders, as this is seen as a sign of disrespect.

Do not sniff food or beverage that is given to you, as this is not considered appropriate in Ghanaian culture.

Never ever tell someone to ‘shut up’ when you’re in Ghana, as it is considered highly offensive. Also, don’t call anyone fool, stupid or silly, even as a joke.

Do not forget to follow ‘African Time’ when you’re going somewhere in Ghana. It stands for a delay of an hour or half from the posted time.

While visiting a village, do not go anywhere but the chief’s house, as soon as you enter the village. Also, never offer your hand for a handshake unless the chief does so.

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