How long does vinyl on clothes last?


Clothes are used for something more than covering your body. It means so much more, it can be a statement for some people and it can express a lot about the personality of people. For many others, they want stuff and stickers on their T-Shirts. That is why heat transfer vinyl is popular. It is a process in which you can paste stickers that you want on your T-Shirts. In this article, we will discuss what Vinyl heat transfer means, what its benefits and how long will it stay?

What is the Vinyl printing process?

So, let’s get to the core of what Vinyl T-shirt printing is and how it is different from the other printing technique.  Vinyl is a process of printing photos, stickers on clothes, this is done through heat transfer vinyl rolls. It is done by a machine that cuts out the designs that you want to stick on your clothes and by using vinyl it is put on to the clothes. The vinyl and sticker have to be hot for it to stick. On the other hand, in Screen printing or silk screening stencils or screens are used to make your design again on the clothes. 

How long does Vinyl print on T-shirts last and other benefits?

Vinyl is way cheaper than screen printing, especially heat transfer vinyl wholesale.

Every time a new design has to be taken out for printing that is why screen printing is expensive. If you are doing a small amount then screen printing is affordable otherwise Vinyl heat transfer is more preferable.

Every cloth has a life of its own so to guarantee a life of vinyl design T-shirts is difficult. Also, it depends upon a lot of factors like how you are washing it or not. However, Vinyl print stays longer on a cloth and does not wrinkle so easily. Whereas, screen printing is not so effective when it comes to cracking. There have been Vinyl T-Shirts that do not wrinkle or crackle for 3-4 years. However, take good care of the clothes beforehand. Wash it inside out, also in cold water. If you are a resident of the capital then you are in luck as there are many 

heat transfer vinyl in Delhi that you can visit. 

We have informed you about all the important information that there is about Vinyl heat transfer and screen sheet transfer. If you are looking for vinyl printing on your clothes then you are set to go. 

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