How Does An Online Ordering App Like Postmates Will Upheave Your Business?

Online Ordering App

The cravings for mouthwatering restaurant-prepared food will never blur from the people’s desire. And this never-ending craving for palatable food has jacked up the dependence of people on ordering restaurant food. Online ordering and delivery have encouraged people to surrender to restaurant-cooked food items.

So, undoubtedly, online food ordering platforms are on the rise, and they will be the same in the impending future. If you are starting a food business in this technologically advanced era, you need an app. We are here to discuss Postmates like app development, and let us delve into the main topic.

Postmates and the recent acquisition of Uber

Postmates is one of the people’s favorite on-demand delivery app as it helps users to fetch a wide category of delivery services. In the year 2020, Uber announced that it is about to acquire Postmates so as to extend its marketplace in the food delivery sector. As Uber already owns UberEats, the acquisition of Postmates is further a feather on Uber’s hat.

After 5 months post the announcement of the acquisition, finally, in December 2020, Uber closed its deal to acquire Postmates. 

The delivery model of Postmates

Postmates abides by the marketplace model, which looks after order taking and delivery. It is a three-sided marketplace model that interlinks customers, service providers, and delivery executives. Most importantly, Postmates is known for its multi-delivery business model, and food delivery is one of the prominent delivery services.

How does the process workflow happen in Postmates?

  • Placing the order – The process starts with the customers as they will initiate the order placement process. They will sign up and browse through the directory of local service providers and place orders. 
  • Order mapping – The orders are then mapped to the service providers, who will send a confirmation message to the customer.
  • Delivery request – Quickly after the order has been processed, the delivery executive who is present in the closest premises will be intimated about the delivery request. The delivery executive will then end the workflow by delivering the orders.

Why is a ready-made app like Postmates recommended for you?

You might have been watching the speed at which the online food marketplace grows. Similar to how food is delivered instantly, you can also develop your food ordering app instantly. Postmates like apps are recommended as they come up as a ready-made app solution. Regularly, any custom app development will take around 6 to 12 months for completion. But clone app development will let you skip those months by providing an instant app solution.

Sheer benefits of integrating your food business with an application

Growth amplification

The key ingredient for a food business to acquire users, it should first become popular among target audiences. Once your business gets the focus from people, growth is guaranteed. Undoubtedly, online businesses have the potential to acquire more users than offline or traditional businesses. So, the growth factor is guaranteed if you integrate an app for your business.

More income 

Once your business grows, you will automatically earn more income through different sources. Yes, if your app becomes famous, you will get more advertising opportunities, which will fetch you revenue. Similarly, if you wish to abide by the marketplace model as Postmates does, then you will fetch income from commissions. 

Better user experience

Through your app, you can offer the best user experience, and let us see how you can do so. First and foremost, the ability to order online in itself will provide a better experience for users. Other than that, you can provide scheduled delivery services, which lets users get the orders at the time they fix.

Above everything else, if your app is sturdy enough and has a lot of features, it will definitely boost the gross user experience.

Hassle-free payment

Users don’t have to worry about having hard cash while paying for the orders. Since digital payment options are available, the user can just select the payment option and confirm the payment. 

How to glide through the competition in the food delivery marketplace

Infusing the latest trends is a feasible way to glide through the competition.

As an entrepreneur, you must have an eye for introducing new trends into your business. Though you may shower your users with multiple discounts, they will pay heed to the latest trends. So, what are the latest trends that can be implemented? 

As of now, safety standards are the latest trends in food delivery businesses. Users expect to get their orders delivered in the safest way possible. Apart from this, meal kit delivery is another latest trend circling over the food delivery business. 

Not to leave, people are eyeing for healthy food items. You can try arranging a category of menu that focuses on healthy food items. The trends will keep evolving throughout, and the best way to keep intact with the trend is by observing the user’s preferences.

The main features of Postmates like app that double the user experience

  • Live map – The delivery executives will need a live map that will guide them to the restaurant/customer’s location.
  • Live tracker – In order to fetch the updates about the location of the delivery executive, the live tracker feature is needed.
  • Reorder – In a blink of an eye, users can repeat their orders via the reordering feature.
  • Analytics – The changing preferences of users can be spotted through the analytics tool. Other than that, you will get a complete overview of how your users interact with the app.

Final thoughts

Gear up to launch an app like Postmates and experience the sheer growth of your food business.

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