How do you Connect your Linksys Wifi Extender?

Connect to Linksys Wifi Extender

The Linksys wifi extender is designed to replicate signals from any router or access point. They can easily amplify the signal. And, enable the internet connection in challenging locations using a wireless or wired connection. Do you want to know more about connect Linksys wifi extender? If yes, then get the desired details here.

The following are the prerequisites to begin the setup:

  • Be sure to have all required information about the router or access point’s wireless settings. Such as the SSID and the wireless channel and your password handy.
  • To set the range extender reset it first to factory defaults. Hit the reset button on the top of the range extender. Then, keep holding it for 5 minutes. Be patient until the LED begins blinking to return to original factory settings.

Beginning the setup process:

  • Firstly, you must establish a connection to range extender’s ethernet port and the computer. It is possible to do this with the help of the Ethernet cable.
  • Then, plug the range extender into the electrical outlet. Wait until the LED lights are stable at the end.
  • After that, open any compatible browser. Enter the IP address of your router in the address bar.
  • Input the default credentials into the window that asks for the same. It is possible to leave the field for username empty. However, you can fill in ‘admin’ into the password box. Click the Login button now.
  • Choose the Wireless option. In the drop-down menu, selects the Basic Wireless Settings.
  • Then, change the radio’s setting to Manual. Type in the Network’s Name or SSID.
  • Select the security settings to the router’s configuration in the Wireless Security section. After entering the WEP or passphrase Click Save Settings. It is recommended to utilize WPA/WPA2 wireless security. It is for your router or on a range extender When looking for the highest performance.
  • Unplug the power cord of the router and extender. Unplug it for around 30 seconds. Then, connect the router first. Make sure the lights are stable. Now plug the range extender back into the power supply.

Finally, the range extender is in sync with the router.

Check the router’s DHCP table to verify that the extender is set up correctly. Make sure that the extender’s name is listed with its IP address. Ping the extender via an internet-connected device and look for responses.

Network expansion

In addition to range extenders, there are various other products on the market to aid in the expansion of networks. They can be wireless or wired, including switches, access points, or wireless bridges.

Accessing the online setup page for the Linksys range extender:

  • Initially, connect the extender to the power outlet. Make sure the indicators are steady.
  • Connect your computer to the Ethernet port on the Linksys range extender. You can fulfill this requirement by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Then, open any compatible web browser. Input the default IP address. It is
  • You’ll need to input your username and password. You can leave the username field empty. Enter ‘admin’ in the password field and select OK or sign in. Input the custom password if you’ve already altered it.
  • Finally, you can now visit this Linksys range extender’s setup page and modify the wireless settings.


If you are unsure with connect Linksys wifi extender, contact our technicians in the end.


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