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How a voice over can help your marketing campaign

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When it comes to pulling off a successful marketing campaign, you should ensure you have everything in place. One thing that can make the world of a difference is hiring a great voice over. 

This post will take you through how a voice over can make a difference between a good, and great marketing campaign. 

Bringing your script to life

A voice over isn’t simply a voice you choose, the voice over you select will determine how relatable and human your campaign will be. Prior to selecting your voice over, you will put together ad content, for example, an advert with solid videography, as well as the creation of a script. 

This script alone won’t do all the work for you, especially when it comes to user psychology. As a voice over, your job is to ensure you personify whatever is put in front of you, as experts of conversational speech, it’s their job to present what product offering you may have, whilst also engaging the user effectively. 

This is especially the case when it comes to radio, as you’re solely relying on sound alone to convert a listener into a customer. 

Giving your brand a voice

Another key reason how voice overs can help you execute an effective campaign, is the establishment of sound identity. Never underestimate the power that a voice over can bring, especially when it comes to recognition. 

It can be a very powerful thing if one was to recognise your brand simply by hearing your voice over recite your script, especially if your voice over has a distinct voice that stands out from the rest. 

The very best voice overs will be your brand’s voice, preferably collaborating with you over a long period of time, to help build trust with users. This will certainly help you stand out from your competition, with a great example being the Red bull adverts and their infamous catchphrase: “Red bull gives you wings”. 

One of the most important ways in which a voice over can enhance your campaign is by helping you define what your brand voice is, sound identity can work wonders for building trust and driving conversions. 

Adding a touch of professionalism

Picking the right voice over can add a touch of professionalism that you simply can’t get with the everyday layman. 

Picture this: you’re a company that is producing a campaign and you get one of your employees to record the voice over, though you may have full creative freedom of how to present the message, it still may miss that last bit of umph. 

Let’s be honest, anyone can record their voice, but understanding the subtleties of how to communicate to a target audience is a whole different ball game. 

Voice over professionals are quite literally specialists in how to correctly read and articulate a script, as well as how to properly address a target audience. 

That extra level of professionalism is priceless when it comes to planning an effective marketing campaign. 

They’re fairly affordable

Marketing campaigns can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with all the ins and outs required. Considering the cost of pay per click campaigns, video and other means of production, hiring a voice over shouldn’t be too much of an expense in the bigger picture. 

If you hire a voice over through an agency, which is recommended, typically you’ll know what you’re paying for prior to making your final decision. Agencies typically work with fixed rates, which can be more expensive for the best of the best, depending on the individual in question. 

Bear in mind, hiring a voice over for a project isn’t all you have to worry about. Should you need to extend that campaign for years to come, you must also consider buyout fees, as well as higher costs for celebrity voice artists, which tend to be more effective when targeting some demographics

That being said, in the grand scheme of things, a voice over will provide you with value that is fairly affordable, especially when it comes to the average that is spent in overall advertising costs. 


Hiring a voice over can be a really effective tool for your marketing campaigns. Be sure to weigh out your options accordingly, and take your time when considering the voice over you wish to collaborate with. 

Not every voice will be perfect, and not every campaign will work, but it’s important to note that with due diligence and planning, you can assure yourself that your campaign is better off with a well selected voice over.

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