Guest Post Submit Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines: We welcome you to the guest posting page. Before submitting the post or article, please make sure that your post follows the following requirements:

  1. Article length should be Minimum: (400 words) and maximum: (1000 words)
  2. NOT allowed topics: gambling, pornography, politics, weapons and religions
  3. Up to 02 DoFollow Links are allowed. Unrelated and affiliate links are not allowed.
  4. Do no COPY article. Plagiarism is strictly banned. Also, If we find the same article somewhere else on Internet, we will delete the post.
  5. Article must be well-structured, grammatically correct, bulleted or numbered lists, includes headings and short sentenced paragraphs.
  6. If you want to post in the categories of literature, fiction, history, film art and book reviews, then email us for price. Other all available categories are FREE of cost.
  7. Article will be published within 24 to 48 hours.

Note: If your article does not qualify for the above-mentioned terms and conditions, then it will not be published. In the future, if we find any violation (such as an article found copied from other sources) we will remove it. So, be content and original while writing.

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