Etiquettes of Doing Business in India


India is an immense, crowded, and various country incorporating a wide range of characters, dialects, societies, and religions. It is undeniably challenging to make speculations about Indian culture. There are, in any case, a couple of tips that can assist you with understanding the business culture in India and guide you in your Indian undertaking.

Etiquettes require in India handshake, although few Indians might utilize the namaste, a typical hello including squeezing your palms along with fingers pointing upwards, and joined by a slight bow. When entering a conference, consistently welcome the most senior individual first.

  • Always try to be on time while going to a business meeting in India but do not feel bad if it starts a little after the designated time. Indians are a little bit relaxed about time.
  • Make sure that you address people either by using their professional titles or by using courtesy titles.
  • Do not stand by putting your hands on your hips while talking to someone when you are in India. It is considered rude to do so.
  • Be prepared to have a small talk before discussing business in India. Do not jump to negotiations directly, as you may sound impatient.
  • Always remember that you should not say ‘No’ directly while doing business in India. Try to respond with ‘may be’ or ‘we will see’ to not sound rude.
  • There are numerous Indias inside India. India is a multilingual, multi-ethnic, and pluralistic culture. Tremendous social contrasts can be seen among North and South India.
  • Know about the social variety and be careful with regard to speculations. The incomparable Cambridge business analyst Joan Robinson once noticed: “Whatever you can appropriately say about India, the inverse is additionally evident.”
  • English is the authoritative language of business.
  • Be ready for gatherings to begin and complete late and for interferences to happen consistently
  • There is a more formal and progressive connection among administrators and staff in India
  • Indians place extraordinary worth on connections: set aside the effort to foster contacts and relationship

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