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Essay Structure and Outline

How do we know at a glance that we’re looking at an essay rather than an article, essay, or sketch? – Quite simply:

However, in schools and universities it is customary for students to adhere to a certain structure and plan for creating proessaywriting reviews:

In addition, any essay must have a problem. The work of the author should concentrate on revealing the problem, describing his own experience and impressions about it, proposing solutions and certain conclusions.

The essay is a work of art and requires the author to express himself and show his own creativity. Show your own vocabulary, personality and originality.

Make the text lively, hooking, and unlike millions of others. This is your main goal when writing an essay, having fulfilled it, you can not follow the other rules of composing so strictly.

Use imagery as well as aphorism. Your work should gather the features of artistic and journalistic styles, the main features of which are an abundance of metaphors and images. You can use aphorisms, neologisms, wordplay and other things.

When creating an essay, you should not abuse business, scientific or clerical styles. Write simply but vividly, but do not use a lot of profanity, slang, etc.

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