Dr Partha Banerjee : 5 benefits of a morning stretch routine

Including morning stretches in your daily regimen provides a number of advantages. One of the most obvious benefits is that it boosts your physical fitness. If you work out first thing in the morning, dynamic stretches (stretches that involve movement) can help your muscles warm up and avoid injury.

Stretching might also assist you in unwinding before starting your day. We tend to keep tension in our necks, shoulders, and backs when we’re anxious. A morning stretch exercise can help loosen these muscles, and it can be even more helpful when combined with a breathing practice, says Partha Banerjee Mumbai.

  1. Stress Reducing

When you first wake up, you may begin to be concerned about the day ahead. Rather, concentrate on stretching your whole body. This will aid in the reduction of stress brought on by physiological or psychological issues.

Tension builds up in your body as a result of stress. Set aside a few minutes each morning to stretch your muscles to help them relax. Stress reduction can pay off big time throughout the day.

2. Improves circulation

When your muscles are stiff, especially over time, blood flow might be restricted. This lack of circulation can cause a slew of problems. Headaches can be caused by a stiff neck or jaw that inhibits blood flow to the head.

Partha Banerjee Mumbai suggests that stretching promotes circulation by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to go into your muscles. Improved circulation from stretching has additional benefits if you have an injury or pick difficult workouts. It can help to relieve tight, stiff muscles and hasten the recuperation process.

Because long periods of sitting or standing can cause poor circulation, folks who work at a desk can improve blood flow by stretching before leaving the house in the morning.

3. Maintaining and Increasing Mobility

Muscle tension can make it difficult to walk or even sit comfortably. Stretching on a daily basis might help you improve your flexibility and mobility. It also teaches your joints to move through their complete range of motion, allowing your body to move more freely. Whether you’re an athlete or just want to make simple physical chores like walking up the stairs easier, this can assist.

Stretching is beneficial to everyone, but it is more vital as you become older to keep your mobility.

Your muscles stiffen as you get older, and if you don’t stretch them, they will shorten. Muscles that are too short to contract have a harder time doing so, increasing the risk of injury or mishap.

4. Stretching can help you avoid getting hurt

Warming up before an exercise can help you avoid injury, and one component of a proper warm-up is dynamic stretching. Warming up your muscles, joints, and tendons with dynamic stretching enhances your range of motion temporarily. As a result, you’ll be able to do your training techniques with the proper body alignment.

5. A reduction in aches and pains

Morning stretches might help relieve joint and muscle aches. These pains can occur at any time during the day, but you only notice them in the morning because you’ve been sleeping all night.

An increase in fluid in the spinal discs and joints causes morning aches. To relieve joint pain, try mild stretches, suggests Dr Partha Banerjee Dubai.

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