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Detailed Tutorial to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 Mailbox

migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365

Popular research conducted by the Gartner Research in 2016-17 shows that 78% of Yahoo users want to switch their web-based email application. The main reason behind this is Yahoo Mail’s failure to cope with the requirements of modern-day corporate and individual users. In this respect, Office 365 is the best email platform with exciting features that fulfill corporate requirements.

This article is specifically dedicated to delivering the best solutions to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 mailbox. It is a complex task, so you need to be extra careful while performing the steps to accomplish this task. You can achieve this either by using the manual approach, or you can try the best Yahoo Backup Tool that ensures high data security during the entire process. 

However, before moving towards the solution to migrate from Yahoo small business to Office 365, let’s go through the main reasons that originate this demand.

Why Do We Need to Import Yahoo Email to Outlook 365?

After the acquisition of Yahoo Mails by Verizon communication, Yahoo users have been quite worried about privacy and concern. Also, most of them start losing their trust and already decided to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 mailbox. 

Apart from this, there are some more reasons that force the users to switch over to a more secure environment (i.e., Office 365) 

  1. Office 365 is a more secure cloud-based environment that provides some advanced functionalities to manage the core business functionalities. 
  2. Microsoft Office 365 offers exciting and advanced features that make it more flexible for business operations.
  3. Sometimes, the Yahoo Mail Sign-in problems occur along with some other major issues.
  4. Yahoo mail users have frequently faced troubles with their Yahoo accounts, such as server downtime, account hacked, etc.

These are some common reasons that ultimately cause a need to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 accounts. Now, let’s find out the significant solution to perform this migration process.

Free Method to Migrate Yahoo Emails to Office 365

The free method includes a manual method, which is a complex task to import Yahoo email to Outlook 365. First of all, you need to export Yahoo emails to PST, and then you can import that PST file into Office 365 mailbox. 

For this, configure your Yahoo Mail account with the Outlook application using the IMAP server settings. After successfully configuring your account, perform the following steps to export Yahoo Mail to the PST file. 

Export Yahoo Mail to PST file Using Outlook

Import the Resultant PST file to Office 365

There are two manual ways to import PST to Office 365. You can either achieve this via the Network Upload Method, or you can perform the Drive Shipping Method. However, both the tasks require some technical knowledge.

Network Upload Method Via Azure AzCopy

Upload PST file to Microsoft 365 using Azure AzCopy

azcopy.exe copy “<Source location of PST files>” “<SAS URL>”

This method only helps to upload the PST files to the Azure Storage location for your organization. Now, you need to specify and create a CSV file that specifies the users’ mailboxes and the associated PST file to import. You can learn more about importing PST files by referring to the Microsoft blog on How to use Network Upload to Import PST files? 

Direct Approach to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365

This approach is the most reliable and easy solution to import Yahoo emails to Office 365. It comprises a secure Yahoo Backup Tool which allows users to migrate from Yahoo small business to Office 365. Additionally, this software offers some prominent features that enhance and optimize the whole migration process. With this utility, you can also manage the entire Yahoo mailbox data. It is designed and developed under expert supervision that contains the latest algorithms to enhance data security. You can also try its free demo version, which allows users to analyze its advanced functionalities. 


This article manifests the main reasons that induce the need to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365. Also, it explained the workable solution, which utilizes the Network Upload method via Azure AzCopy to import Yahoo email to Outlook 365. However, it requires some technical skills and knowledge. In this regard, Yahoo Backup Tool is the best suitable solution for both the users (technical and non-technical). 

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