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Cyber Liability During COVID-19

Cyber Liability Coverage

With carriers increasing rates and deductibles, reducing limits, and adding coverage restrictions, the cyber liability market has hardened significantly. Despite this, there are several actions you can take to mitigate your cyber exposure and cyber liability insurance costs.

For starters, you want to be sure your cyber liability insurance will respond to security and privacy infiltrations within a remote desktop environment. With much of the American workforce now working remotely, the importance of this coverage should go without saying.

For Organizations

There are many steps that an organization can take to ensure they’re protected from cyber liability claims – and yes, even during a pandemic. Here are some best practices for employers to consider:

As cyber liability claims continue to pose as a major threat for organizations across the globe, it’s critical for employers to act fast to mitigate this risk. Contact a member of the ‘A’ Team to learn more about what Assurance can do to help. 

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