Comprehensive Guide on Trenchless Sewer No Dig Pipe Repair

Pipe Burst Plumbing

Specialists have a plethora of expertise regarding trenchless drain and sewage technologies because they are licensed plumbers with many years of experience in trenchless no dig pipe repair and restorations.

Since they have such a wide range of experience, experts have seen practically every circumstance imaginable. Specialists overcame every challenge that may arise from a project. The plumber not only ran into a variety of issues, but he also discovered how to solve them and avoid them in the future. Due to our extensive experience, experts like The Relining Company Australia can give you an in-depth analysis of trenchless sewer pipe relining and replacement from the viewpoint of a qualified plumbing contractor.

You might notice that specialists refer to your pipe as a drain or sewer as the piece goes on. In this article, the terms “drain” and “sewer” are synonymous.

A pipe bursts

Trenchless sewer line replacement techniques like pipe bursting do not require a permanent trench. By drilling two holes, a hydraulic tool is used to draw a bursting head through the older pipe, breaking it (one on each end of the tube that needs to be changed) By blowing the older pipe outward, it makes it possible for a new pipe to be brought into its place. The new pipe that was hauled into position is made of high-density polyethylene.

This oil-based pipe is exceptionally slippery and clog-resistant thanks to its composition. Pipe bursting is regarded as a real sewer replacement because it doesn’t rely on any of your existing drains for construction or stability.

The following are typical inquiries about pipe bursts:

Is pipe bursting a viable option for pipe repairs?

No, sewer lines are frequently replaced with longer sections by using pipe bursting. If the length of your sewer line is less than 15 feet, pipe explosion might not be a concern.

What if the pipe this drain is linked to needs to be replaced?

Unfortunately, in order to reveal each link, excavation is necessary. This suggests that the estate will continue to have gaps. Pipe bursting is a better choice if the sewer is one continuous piece. Different trenchless techniques can be preferable if you have numerous drains connected to this sewer.

Will my pipe get smaller if a pipe bursts?

No, the dragged-in replacement sewer pipe may be larger than the old one. This means that if your current drain has a diameter of three inches, you can replace it with a pipe of four inches.

Benefits of pipe bursting: If your old pipe is seriously damaged, broken, or has had considerable product loss, pipe bursting may be the only trenchless approach that is effective.

Tubular coating benefits

When a drain needs to be fixed rapidly, tube coating is useful. The best solution if your drain has a single, tiny fracture is pipe coating. If your tube has a lot of twists and turns, tube coating equipment can handle more than CIPP liners can. Tube coating is the finest choice if you need to fix a section of your drain.


Anywhere in the nation, before hiring a trenchless contractor, get in touch with your local housing authority. Depending on your city and state, the rules and laws governing trenchless sewer restoration may change. Contact your local building department to learn more about the trenchless technology solutions that are permitted in your area.

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