Can You Wear Leather Hats In The Summer?

Leather is a fantastic material for adding elegance to your ensemble. They are not only appealing to the eye but also excellent in maintaining shape. As a result, they’ve been in the spotlight for quite some time and have managed to retain their allure. Leather hats, on the other hand, are distinctive and give you a stunning appearance. Whether it’s leather clothing or accessories, they’re all ideal for completing a style. Leather hats are also a high-quality, fashionable addition to any wardrobe. Fedoras, wide brim fedoras, pig pies, and flat caps are among the many varieties available.

Here’s How To Wear Leather In The Sun: Leather hats are hotter than other materials, although depending on the wearer, they can be tolerated in hotter conditions. Leather is the preferred sun hat in many regions, including Australia, since it absorbs heat.

Is It Possible To Wear A Leather Hat In The Summer?

Is it possible to wear a leather hat? Wearing a leather hat would not be a problem if you can endure the hotter temperatures without overheating. In fact, leather hats can be worn outside in the sun. There are hundreds of brands that make leather hats, and they must be used by individuals otherwise they would not make them.

Because of the harsh environment in Australia, it is highly usual for Aussies to wear heavier hats made of leather or felt. If it can be worn there, it can be worn elsewhere!

If you suffer from extreme heat, a leather hat may not be the greatest choice for you, and you should instead pick a straw or fur felt hat.

Leather, on the other hand, is a long-lasting material that will provide you with the sun protection you require. With so many people suffering skin cancer from being in the sun these days, it’s more vital than ever to take care of your skin.

Wearing a leather hat will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays while still looking fashionable.

What Will My Leather Hat Look Like In The Sun?

Leather was once attached to an animal that secreted oils to maintain it soft and pliable. When leather is created and then converted into clothes (such as a hat), the oils are lost over time. When a leather hat is worn in the sun, the leather dries out, which can cause fading.

To solve this problem, most hat stores suggest you look for a good beeswax leather polish that will restore the oils to the leather hat while also sealing and waterproofing it. This will also bring the colour of the leather back to life, for example, if your hat was a dark brown when you bought it and has since faded to a light brown colour, beeswax polish will restore it to its former color. If you use your hat in the sun every day, we recommend that you polish it every few weeks.

Is A Leather Hat Too Hot To Wear?

Leather is a thicker fabric, and some people find the hat too hot in the sun due to its thickness and heaviness. However, this is dependent on who is wearing the hat!

If feeling hot is a major issue for you or you sweat profusely in the full spectrum of the sun, buying a full leather hat is not a good option. A leather hat is useful for protecting persons who don’t notice or sense the hotter heat as much.

If you go online and check at the Jacaru brand of leather hats, you’ll notice that they now have a leather hat with a half mesh crown, which gives you the robustness of the leather brim with the lightness of the mesh. This style would also be appropriate for someone who has trouble with the heat. The Jacaru also contains eyelets that allow air to enter the crown, making it more comfortable to wear in the heat.

What are some good leather hat brands for summer?

There are numerous leather hat brands available right now. The following is a comprehensive list of today’s most well-known brands:

  • Jacaru

Is an Australian firm specialising in leather hats? Kangaroo leather and traditional leather are examples of this. This company also makes children’s leather caps. It also specialises in mesh leather caps (for cooling your head).

  • Barmah

Is an Australian company that specialises in leather hats. They have a squashy hat that you can fold up in a bag and it bursts back to life when you need it (not wrecking the crown or shape).

This leather hat is ideal for vacation or trekking. Barmah also creates versions out of crocodile and kangaroo leather.

  • Thomas Cook

Is a company selling online hats in Australia that also sells a variety of headgear, including leather hats. Working primarily with pigskin leather.


The leather is extremely fine and has a luxurious appearance. As a result, you will never regret purchasing a leather hat because it is not only sturdy but also suited for your overall appearance.

Furthermore, considering the factors listed above may persuade you to choose leather hats for a more firm and charming appearance.

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