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What is a UPS?

UPS, also known as Uninterrupted Power Supply, is an electrical device that provides backup power to load when the source of power fails to function. The run-time of the battery of most UPS is comparatively short but sufficient to start standby power sources or perfectly shut down the devices and save the equipment from damages. It is a sort of continual power system. A UPS is usually used to safeguard hardware of complex electrical devices such as computers, telecommunication equipment, data centers, or several other electrical devices. An unanticipated power disruption harms or malfunctions the devices’ hardware that may cause a data loss.   

Nexus Online UPS units range in size from units designed to shield a single computer (about 200 volt-ampere rating) to larger units running entire data centers or buildings.

Different Types of UPS

Standby/ Offline UPS

A standby or an offline UPS is a UPS that can detect an electrical failure and automatically switch to battery power. It is the most straightforward form of UPS and is available at very cost-effective prices. There is a momentary break during the transfer or switching. Hence, some don’t consider it a UPS. Thus, it is also called a Standby power supply. It is commonly available in sizes up to 1.5 KVA only. However, it keeps network devices operational when power is unavailable.

What’s typically in a standby/offline uninterruptible power supply?

  • Offline/ Standby UPS have a switch
  • The switch either runs on the main power source or battery component 
  • The main power supply goes to the AC/DC rectifier that alters the battery
  • Then the main power goes into a DC/AC inverter to output to the load

Online/Double Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply

The online/ double conversion Uninterruptible Power System varies from the offline/ Standby as the DC/AC inverter is always connected. Hence, there will be no transfer time amidst the main power source and battery. Providing utmost shield against the spikes, electrical noise, sags, and load shedding. 

What’s typically in an online/double conversion uninterruptible power supply?

The fundamental power source in online UPS goes into the AC/DC rectifier in any event, also during normal operations, so it should go through a DC/AC inverter every time, subsequently the term “double conversion.”

Line-Interactive Uninterruptible Power System

The line-interactive UPS has a comparable plan to the offline/standby, however, with properties of the online/double-conversion too. The line-interactive design can deal with little under-voltages and over voltages (around (20% +-) from its standard voltage) by utilizing a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer or a buck-boost converter. During this little under/over voltages, the battery isn’t being utilized and is yet being charged until there is a major under/over-voltage.

What’s typically in a line interactive uninterruptible power supply?

  • Design is similar to offline/ standby
  • Also comprises of an autotransformer or a buck-boost converter on the primary line
  • The buck-boost converter either boost the voltage or buck the power during over-voltage


Standby/ Offline UPS is the most basic, and they are suitable for the devices like home computers, scanners, or printers.

Online UPS is the most consistent and offers the best security, making them ideal for engine applications or circumstances where you can’t manage the cost of any exchange time. The best purposes are for data centers or intensive care units.

Line-interactive UPS would be appropriate for light lists and surges and have lower electric utilization. Line-interactive is the best approach to assume you need a solid, proficient, and savvy UPS.

This article provides you with an outline of the primary types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Systems. For information on other topics, consult our additional guides or visit the NexusUP, where you can contact our experts and assist you with all your queries of a UPS. 

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