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Best Urdu Poetry about Susral Family – Relations of Susrat in Urdu Shayari

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In the delicate tapestry of familial bonds, the concept of Susral holds a significant place in Urdu poetry. The intricate dynamics between the daughter-in-law (Bahu) and the son-in-law (Damad) are often explored in the verses that celebrate or lament the nuances of the Susral relationships. These poetic expressions delve into the emotional terrain, capturing the joys, challenges, and sometimes the sorrows that unfold within the boundaries of the in-law’s home.

Susral Family Poetry in Urdu about Bahu

“vo sasuraal se aa.ii hai maa.ike
use jitnaa dekho vo pyaarii lage

“daamaad ko nikaal ke jab bhii hu.aa hai pesh
saalo.n ne paas kar diyaa sasuraal kaa bajaT

“saath begam ke milaa karte hai.n das biis hazaar
muft ke maalo.n me.n sasuraal kaa maal achchhaa hai

“maa.n ne beTii se kahaa terii KHataa hai is me.n
tuu ne sasuraal me.n kyuu.n saas ko maa.n samjhaa thaa

ab guzar jaa.egaa ye saal bhii lamho.n kii tarah
beTiyaa.n aa.ii hai.n sasuraal se pariyo.n kii tarah

Sad Urdu Shayari on Sasural

“mire kuchh faisle mere nahii.n so darguzar karnaa
abhii sasuraal me.n rahtii huu.n inkaarii nahii.n aatii

“vo ho sasuraal yaa maika ye kahtii hai bahuu mujh se
mere kaa.ndhe pe zimmedaariyaa.n dono.n taraf se hai.n

“jahezo.n ke liye ba.Dhtii rahe.ngii talKHiyaa.n kab tak
jalaa.ii jaa.e.ngii sasuraal me.n ye la.Dkiyaa.n kab tak

“paas kii taasiir kyuu.n chehre pe duunii ho ga.ii
maa.ikaa viiraa.n hu.aa sasuraal suunii ho ga.ii

“jaanaa thaa sasuraal se mushkil rahne me.n rusvaa.ii thii
ham ne tere jahaa.n me.n maulaa kaisii qismat paa.ii thii

2 Lines Urdu Quotes in Text for Bahu and Maika

The shadow of a challenging Susral experience finds its voice in Urdu poetry, where expressions of disappointment and hardship are articulated through ‘bad Sasural’ quotes. These verses encapsulate the struggles faced by individuals dealing with difficult in-laws, narrating tales of resilience and determination amid the adversities encountered within the realm of the Sasural. Through poignant words, these poetic reflections become a source of solace and understanding for those who have weathered the storms of unfavorable family dynamics.

The poetic canvas extends to capture the essence of Bahu aur Damad ki Sasural, unraveling the diverse shades of these relationships. Shayari dedicated to the daughter-in-law and son-in-law in their respective in-laws’ homes reflects the evolution of these connections. Whether it’s the blossoming love or the intricate adjustments, Urdu poetry paints a vivid picture of the complex emotions experienced by the Bahu and Damad as they navigate the intricate web of Susral.


For the daughters who become part of a new household, Susral girly quotes and sad poetry about Bahu resonate with the unspoken sentiments that often accompany this transition. These verses encapsulate the yearning for acceptance, the desire for love, and the poignant moments of solitude experienced by the Bahu within the Susral. Through the power of words, Urdu poetry becomes a poignant mirror reflecting the multifaceted emotions of the daughter-in-law as she weaves her story within the fabric of the Susral.

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