Best Frontend and Backend Framework for Web Apps in 2021

A web application has two sides of the website such as Front-end and back-end. Today, there is more demand for web development applications than ever before. There are hundreds of top web development languages and frameworks available on the market.

Web frameworks are tools and build-in libraries by the developers that you can use in your project. Web frameworks made web development faster, easier, and more friendly for developers. There are many build-in libraries for database activities, SQL, and APIs-related work embedded on the web frameworks.

List of Best Web Framework in 2021

There are many web frameworks available for each platform on the internet. Choosing the best framework for web development based on ease of coding is quite a complex task. In this tutorial, we will help you to choose the top-rated and most used web frameworks.

1. React framework

React is a java-based web framework that is dominating the web in 2021. React introduces a web component-based layer used on Facebook and many other web applications. React can be learned once and code anywhere such as Mobile devices, Desktop, or Smart TVs.

Currently, React is one of the best frameworks for the backend development of a website. You can find more information and help with React framework on GitHub.

2. Vue.js web framework

Vue.js is a client-side web framework that uses JavaScript and MVVM (Model View View Model) approaches. Vue.js is not owned by a single party as it was a purely community-based framework. It is one of the best alternatives to React and Angular developers.

You can find out more help on the Vue official documentation (available in multi-language).

3. Angular framework

Angular is one of the best web frameworks developed by Google for Desktop and mobile applications. It is an end-to-end, MVM is known as Model view whatever. The angular framework is working hard for improvement with robustness technology and it is currently the best for enterprise applications.

4. ASP.NET core (framework)

ASP.NET core is the older yet powerful web framework that uses the MVC approach (Model view controller). It was powered by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS users. ASP.NET (2016). ASP.NET core is the extension and updated version of ASP.NET. It is a multi-platform web framework that uses a server-based approach and works on multiple devices with JavaScript client-side frameworks.

5. Laravel framework

PHP is a wide-used programming language for web development created by Taylor Otwell in 2011.  But it is very hard to understand and use PHP on your website. When the code is increasing, it is difficult to manage the code all in one place. In this regard, Laravel helped & optimized PHP code for developers and users. Laravel is a web framework that combines the functionality of PHP and MVC (Model View Controller) to make the code easier and better understandable.

Laravel is an open-source and widely used platform with free community support and documentation sorted for every release. The developers are working hard to improve Laravel by pushing updates and updating User documentation.

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