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Beautiful Butterfly Poetry in Urdu – Titli Par Urdu Shayari

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In the vibrant tapestry of Urdu poetry, butterflies flutter through with wings dipped in love and longing. Titli par Urdu shayari, as it’s tenderly called, paints the delicate creature not just as a whimsical denizen of nature, but as a muse, a metaphor for emotions both fleeting and profound. In the next lines, you are going to read Urdu Poetry about butterfly. The Urdu shayari on titli in parks and wandering on flowers, is extremely beautiful. Pakistani and Indian poets have written a lot using the metaphor of butterfly in their ashaar and ghazals. They usuall resemble the beautify of theri lover with titli kay rang (the colors of butterflies).

Best Urdu Poetry on ButterFly

“ye bhiigaa bhiigaa saa mausam
ye titlii phuul aur shabnam

“gul se lipTii hu.ii titlii ko giraa kar dekho
aa.ndhiyo tum ne daraKHto.n ko giraayaa hogaa

“baaG me.n jaane ke aadaab hu.aa karte hai.n
kisii titlii ko na phuulo.n se u.Daayaa jaa.e

“kha.Dii dhuup me.n apne ghar se nikalnaa
vo chi.Diyaa.n vo bulbul vo titlii paka.Dnaa

“kaa.nTo.n me.n ghire phuul ko chuum aa.egii lekin
titlii ke paro.n ko kabhii chhilte nahii.n dekhaa

Titli Par Urdu Shayari

“ko.ii titlii nishaane par nahii.n hai
mai.n bas kaa piichhaa kar rahaa huu.n

“vo chi.Diyaa.n vo bulbul vo titlii paka.Dnaa
vo gu.Diyo.n kii shaadii pe la.Dnaa jhaga.Dnaa

“kaa.nTo.n me.n ghire phuul ko chuum aa.egii lekin
titlii ke paro.n ko kabhii chhilte nahii.n dekhaa

“do paa.nv bane hariyaalii par
ek titlii baiThii Daalii par

“titlii chaman me.n phuul se lipTii rahtii hai
phir bhii chaman me.n phuul ka.nvaaraa lagtaa hai

Titli Kay Rang in Urdu Nazm and Ghazal

Imagine a single couplet, etched with the simplicity of a haiku: “Rangon ka safar hai titli, phool se phool tak, dil mera bhi hai aisa, pyaar se pyaar tak.” Here, the butterfly’s dance across blossoms mirrors the heart’s journey through love’s blossoming gardens. Each petal touched, each color embraced, reflects the soul’s own yearning for connection, its vibrant journey towards love’s embrace.

Urdu shayari about butterflies is not simply confined to romantic whispers. It whispers of transformation, of the chrysalis that sheds its earthly cloak to take flight. The titli becomes a symbol of hope, of resilience, reminding us that even the most fragile can rise, painted with newfound beauty and purpose. Consider lines like: “Titli si zindagi hai, pal pal rang badal le, har gham ko bhula de, muskura ke chal le.” Here, the butterfly’s metamorphosis becomes a life lesson, a call to embrace change, to shed the weight of sorrow, and to dance with the joy of each passing moment.

Final Words

So, the next time you see a butterfly flitting in the sun, let your heart hum with the melody of Urdu poetry. For in its delicate wings, you might find a reflection of your own desires, your own journey of love, change, and boundless beauty. Titli par Urdu Shayari is a testament to the power of language, to weave the ephemeral into the eternal, and to remind us that even the smallest creature can carry the weight of a thousand emotions in its graceful flight.tunesharemore_vertadd_photo_alternate

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