Atul Goel Pune: Advantages of investing in Glocal Square Mall, the Mixed-use real estate development

Glocal Square

Glocal Square Mall, Mixed-use projects have become more frequent in recent years. People’s tastes have shifted, and investors and municipal planners have adjusted accordingly. The idea currently is to bring together residential, office, and retail into one place.

This type of construction provides a walkable community that benefits residents, employees, and tourists while also benefiting the local economy. For a variety of reasons, Goel Ganga Group has brought Glocal Square Mall in Nagpur to emphasize the importance of mixed-use development.

What is a mixed-use development?

Mixed-use projects are urban developments that include a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural structures. These real estate projects can range in size from a single structure to an entire community, and they are usually meet the unique demands of the geography and demographics of the region.

Mixed-use developments such as Glocal Square in Sitabuldi, Nagpur are intended to provide a number of benefits. When a mixed-use complex is properly planned and developed, it not only integrates but also compliments other forms of real estate.

Advantages of Mixed-use real estate development

There are several reasons why mixed-use development projects are on the rise. A substantial investment in a city or municipality benefits everyone involved. Here are a few reasons why mixed-use construction is still popular.

Improvements in the Local Economy

Mixed-use complexes boost foot traffic, which benefits local businesses. These initiatives are desirable because of their closeness and convenience to new clients. When compared to standalone retailers, strip malls, or shopping complexes, mixed-use developments have the ability to generate a lot of interest and foot traffic.

Mixed-use complexes attract private investment, boost tourism, and raise tax income for communities. These sites helps in altering neighbourhoods by bringing people and tourists together in one place to live, work, dine, shop, and play.

Social Interaction

Mixed-use development provides shared communal space while minimising the demand for automobile commuting. Plazas, parks, and walkways encourage people to socialise with one another. These public areas are for inside multi-use projects to encourage people to interact outside.

Investor Return on Investment

Investors diversify their portfolio by offering both residential and commercial real estate.

Diversification can assist investors reduce the overall impact of poor assets and provide resources to compensate for the loss.

Investing in Glocal Square Ganga is the safe investment for local retailers because this place incorporates a range of applications and tenants. Because there is no single significant tenant whose absence may have a negative impact on investors, there is more diversity and less risk.

Investors profit as well, with better returns, longer leases, and less competition. This entails revenue sources from both residential and commercial transactions, which might lead to future development prospects. Investors and developers construct locations that will appeal to a wide range of tenants and purchasers by including various sorts of companies.


Mixed-use projects are preferred by environmentally aware people because they are more sustainable. Many mixed-use developments reuse existing structures and minimise overbuilding, promoting sustainability. They also save money by not having to pay for a car because they may walk to their chosen places. The environment benefits from a smaller carbon footprint as a result of fewer automobiles on the road.

Property Management that is Better

Many commercial tenants in mixed-use buildings will ensure that the property is well-maintained in order to continue to attract purchasers. To accommodate the different demands of the whole community, developers may need to hire a management service business. Higher-quality renters, shorter vacancy cycles, enhanced management systems, and greater assistance are just a few of the advantages.


As Nagpur is the dense and populous area, Glocal Square Mall by Atul Goel Pune just make good sense from a cultural, environmental, and economic point of view. This mixed-use development expands the value of real estate in Pune.

Glocal Square Mall, with a GLA of 1 million square feet, has various entrance points from M.G. Road and Abhyankar Road, as well as direct access from the Sitabuldi Metro Interchange.

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  2. It is a well-known shopping complex in Nagpur’s central business district. Glocal Square, created by Atul Goel, is a must-see in Nagpur. It has a total area of one million square feet. There is a world-class business environment there.

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