A simple way to tell if a mask is fake N95 or KN95?

N95 mask

Governments are attempting to avert another Corona outbreak. They are issuing new safety guidelines and protocols. However, not everyone supports these regulations. Similarly, some people argue against the use of N95 masks on a one-time basis. Let us now read the expert’s response to the subject.

Is it possible to reuse N95 masks?

No. Certain individuals claim to have worn the same mask for days, if not weeks, without changing it. Medical professionals caution and define it as a dangerous and stupid act. It is more dangerous if the mask has not been decontaminated using one of the more modern decontamination machines.

In comparison to cloth masks, which can be machine washed and reused, N95 mask performs best when worn only once or twice. The mask should be discarded immediately. They are not intended for re-use. According to FDA regulations, immediately dispose of your N95 respirator by placing it in a plastic bag. Also, wash your hands after handling the respirator.

N95 mask

Can KN95 masks be reused?

Although KN95 Masks are intended for single use, some individuals claim that some KN95 Masks can be reused. What was “even more fascinating” to these individuals was the statement that when they reused the mask after spraying it with alcohol, air-drying it, and vacuum drying it, it demonstrated effective filtering.

How to identify fake N95 masks from genuine N95 masks?

You can take precautions to ensure the masks you purchase are genuine. Kelly recommends six indicators to look for when determining whether an N95 mask is counterfeit or uncertified.

  1. The NIOSH approval stamp on the face of the mask is missing or spelled incorrectly.
  2. Rather than headbands, the mask features ear loops. You can use headbands to tighten the fit.
  3. There should be no reference to the TC approval number on the headband or mask.
  4. The company asserts that its products are suitable for use by children.
  5. There are optional decorative elements.
  6. There is no visible manufacturing lot number on the mask’s face.

The same holds true for identifying forgeries of masks. Experts recommend that you research to ensure that you are ordering masks from a legitimate website. According to them, it is strongly recommended that all customers conduct due diligence when purchasing an N95 mask or KN95 mask. Inquire about laboratory results indicating the filtration levels. Conduct research on the factory from which they purchase their masks. Request video demonstrations of the water test, which involves pouring water into one side and looking for drops. The ear loop band bands are subjected to a stress test. Ascertain that all data you have received is accurate. Accordingly, if the company from which you are purchasing your KN95 masks frequently changes manufacturers, this could indicate that they are selling masks to multiple brokers or middlemen without proper quality control.

An N95 mask has the advantage of completely sealing the face. The FDA notes, however, that a mask worn over a beard or on a child’s face will not provide the same level of protection. Additionally, keep in mind that they are not a panacea. While they increase safety, they do not replace social distancing and proper hand hygiene. Additionally, they minimize face-to-face interaction whenever possible.

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