A list of the top builders offering granny flat build packages

renovation equipment in loft style flat

You’ve made the decision to build a granny flat on your land, but now you need to choose the installer. I’ve done the legwork for you and given a list of the top builders in Australia that provide granny flat build packages.

What, then, does a Granny Flat Package Contain?

Granny Flat Solutions have everything you could possibly need in a finished house. However, several things are frequently removed, including exterior painting and finishings, air conditioning, exterior stone bench tops, and landscaping (driveways). Additionally, enhancements like elaborate panelling inside and out and council fees are sometimes excluded from granny flat packages.

A totally self-contained home addition or secondary residence that is constructed on the same parcel of land as the primary residence is referred to as a “granny flat.” In essence, it’s a second, smaller house on your property that would be excellent for grandparents to live nearby or for an expanding family needing a place for the teenagers to hang out.


Learn how to negotiate with the authorities and construct a granny flat for the cheapest price. Prepare to see the following builders now:

Your project will be built by Granny Flats Australia from beginning to end, with budget-friendly to opulent amenities. They provide over 50 customizable styles for you to pick from. If none of the three granny flat design packages offered by Granny Flat Sydney fit your demands, you can create your own using their customer package estimate calculator. The package selections are listed below, however, once they have done building your new granny flat, they will provide chic and contemporary additions at no additional cost.

Australian House Designs, QLD

Australian House Designs works to reduce the time required to design a new home and finish structural engineering drawings in order to offer quick and dependable services. They are delighted to accommodate your specific needs, can quickly gain building permission for your project, and offer a variety of quick, inventive, and creative designs. They provide “design packages” around Australia, while not being professional builders themselves, which you may then take to a nearby builder.

Site costs are covered by the package allowance (8 m of Service connections)

The cost of this package does include the:

  • CDC Standard Approval (Private Certifier)
  • Range of inclusions from the builder for ready-to-move-in homes: $108,450.00 inclusive of GST
  • This cost includes the insurance for the builder warranty (6 Year Warranty)

A granny flat that fits your demands, way of life, location, and price range.

Whatever size Granny Flat you need—custom-designed or selected from one of our plans—Granny Flat Solutions has you covered. We have established a solid reputation for regularly providing excellent service in the design and construction of award-winning homes and granny flats throughout the course of our 35 years of service.

A total budget will be set aside during the design phase for kitchen cabinets, faucets, an oven, a cooktop, etc. If you choose, you can then go to Bunnings to customize and pay for any upgrade difference.

Conclusion:- Everything you need to create the granny flat, including the blueprints and building materials, may be brought to your site. You can then either hire a professional builder or, if you like, complete the project yourself with an owner-builder license. Here are some of our designs for granny flats with one or two bedrooms.

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