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A Job As an Exercise Physiologist Requires Education, Experience, and Training

Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiologist

An exercise physiologist is a doctor who specializes in exercise physiology. Exercise physiology is the science of exercise. It’s one of the many allied health careers which involves the study of both the acute physical responses and long-term chronic adaptations to exercise, particularly exercise within the context of disease. This profession also includes training people for sports that require physical fitness and even managing athletes in their own sports.

The role of exercise physiologists is quite unique as they are involved in all facets of exercise, not just exercise programs. For instance, an exercise physiologist might train athletes to increase their endurance levels or develop exercise programs to treat certain diseases or injuries. They may also devise exercise programs to prevent diseases or help people recovering from surgery to get back into shape. An exercise physiologist could work at a university or other major institute as an education director or faculty member, or even take over a local gym. If you’re interested in pursuing this career path, you need to understand some of the general principles of exercise physiology.

The benefit of studying exercise programs in depth

Basically, exercise physiologists do study exercise programs in terms of health, safety, injury prevention, rehabilitation, the safety of self-employed workers, and rehabilitation of patients. However, they also go beyond studying physical environments to include mental and social factors. For instance, they study the effects of exercise on moods and mental state, the physiological changes in participants during exercise, the relationship between exercise and sleep quality, and more. They also study the effect of exercise on the workplace, such as reducing stress and improving the productivity and morale of employees.

In order to be a qualified exercise physiologist. You have to graduate from a four-year undergraduate degree program at an accredited college or university. You need to obtain an undergraduate degree in sciences or biology, as well as a certification from one of many bodies within the American College of Sports Medicine. Some of the options include the following: Exercise Physiology, Exercise Physiologists Internship, Masters Degree, Ph.D., and Cardiovascular Fitness. You can check out the ACSM website to find out what specific courses you need to take in order to become certified.

Physios invest time in practices after the graduation

Once you finish your bachelor’s degree program. You will have the opportunity to take specific classes toward becoming an exercise physiologist. This typically takes two years or more. Generally, these classes will include lectures and clinical practice. Lab work, and one or two internships with an individual trainer or medical facility.

From there, you will need to successfully complete an accredited internship. Internships are typically supervised by either professors or physical therapy or athletic training departments within hospitals or schools. They are generally located in the lab area. Though many exercise physiology and physical therapy programs are located in outpatient clinics, offices, and rehabilitation centers. Once you complete your internship. You will need to sit for the Certified Athletic Training Examination. And pass it with a certain score in order to become a CPT. The exam consists of three sections. And all three sections require you to demonstrate your knowledge of physical therapy and exercise physiology. And your experience in one or more settings, including hospital settings.

You can complete an exercise physiologist’s career in a number of different positions. Some of these positions include athletic training supervisors, medical/dentist assistants, and physical education instructors. There are also a variety of positions available at hospitals, including full-time and part-time instructors in the fitness department. If you are looking for an exercise physiologist then you can visit websites like

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