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A Dialogue with God in Days of Pandemic

Poem on Coronavirus

Poem on Coronavirus

Poem: Najma Mansoor

Translated from Urdu: Muhammad Azram

O My Lord — The most Merciful
Lord of Action: “Be! And it is”
I am your powerless creation
Dwelling on your Earth
Looking forward to your command ‘Be’
I won’t share everything with you
Knowing that a prayer filled with
sadness, pain, and sorrow
Makes angels tremble too
Satan laughs and says
I didn’t say that Human Race
Will spread commotion on Earth

O — The Most Merciful
Lord Of Everything and Action
All the earthly creations
Feeling Ashamed
Lowering their eyes in quarantine
Buried in self-constructed tombs
On your planet for life
There is not much space left on Earth
Because of the catastrophic spread of riotous Virus
All are quarantined in fear
Sitting quietly in their wrap-sheets

O — The Most Merciful
Lord Of Everything and Action
Yes, it is the naked truth
Your vulnerable creations
wearing coffins of blood
Scattered on roads
Were being suppressed
By oppressors and totalitarianism
We’re watching them doing all
Sitting in our comfort zone
Dump and deaf, like silent spectators
And today their yelps
are spreading like Corona
all over the world
We’re falling into prostration
Praying for mercy
So many prayers
That earth and heaven
can’t bear the burden of those prayers
O My Lord — Look
Now our devotion
Our dreams and loneliness
All are being quarantined by Corona
O my Lord — The Most Merciful
Lord of Every Action and Thing
Release us from these solitary confinements
I am your lowly poet
Looking forward to one of your command: ‘Be’

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